How to Optimize your Search Rankings

The Internet has a special place in our lives today. It’s more than just a necessity, sometimes, as important as breathing for some people; and it should be, considering it has all the answers. You know you have made it in some way when you and your business get hits by users here.

Gaining visibility in such a platform is no child’s play. You need specific strategies to make an impression and stay in the game. The reason you should take this seriously is because this visibility will bring in more investors and buyers for your business.

This is where I introduce you to a process known as Search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a process of improving the visibility of a website in search engines via natural or algorithmic methods. They essentially optimise your website ensuring that your site frequently appears in the search result lists. This, in turn, will get your website more visitors from the users.

The idea of the SEO itself sounds very simple. But trust me, it’s not. SEO specialists do a lot of ground work which includes analysis of the way search engines work, what users look for, what search engines are preferred by their targeted audience among others. Also SEO is an ongoing effort, and the more you work at it, the better it will be.

Now, there are ways to improve your SEO standards. Here are a few ways to get you started and help make your presence known in the world of internet.


Consider adding a blog to your website and encourage your staff to update it daily. Fresh content is always loved by the search engines &blogs attract search engines like honey attracts bears. You can use it to your advantage if you put fresh content along with allowing visitors to leave comments or ask questions. Blogs also increase the website size and this provides a major SEO benefit.

Choose the right keywords and you have won half the battle

Keywords are essential SEO element. These are the words people will probably use to search your website. Choosing the right ones is crucial because that is what will put your website on the map and in the forefront.

Make sure that you don’t saturate your website with the chosen keyword as, in which case, the search engine will treat it as spam and your website will get wiped out of the race.  The lesson here is to not be too greedy, so just stick to three at most and always make sure to use the available tools in the internet to get the best results for your website.

Join forums

Most forums allow you to have a signature .So just add link to your website along with your signature. The more you publicise your website, the more hits it will get; the more hits it gets, the more you attract search engine crawlers to your site to find out what the hype is all about. But it’s best to join forums which are somewhat related to your website or business. It will not help you if you join a forum for single mothers when your business involves manufacturing car parts.

Be unique

You need to make sure that your content is unique. If the content of your page is relatively similar to any other site on the net, your site might be mistaken for a duplicate site, and the crawlers could just jump over your site. Moreover, it might raise the issue of plagiarism.

Connect with people

Studies have shown that buyers/users come back for more if the website gives out free deals. Figures! To reinforce these study results, consider giving out free samples, free download link for an eBook about your product.

Make it worthwhile

Users always visit websites because they need information or have queries. Provide links, articles or even testimonials regarding your website to them.  Just ensure that visiting your website was not a waste of time for the users.

Try PR

Try to get good press about your business. Handle it in such a way that newsletters, online publications include links to your website for further reference. This will surely get you more traffic.