Avnet‘s Off-Premise Cloud Solutions Aim to Capitalize on Opportunities

Avnet Technology solutions, a web hosting provider recently announced that it has introduced a suite of off-premise cloud solutions designed for value added reseller. This suite is aptly called Avnet Cloud Solutions.

This suite will be delivered on an annual basis which will minimize the development cost and will nurture repeatability. The main goal of his suite is to provide services in various areas of cloud computing where user demand is satiated by off-premise cloud deliver models.

Avnet cloud solution suite is looking forward to help its clients find the fastest route to become trusted customers by providing them with emergent domain expertise in off-premise cloud computing.

“Avnet invested more than a year of research and development into the creation of Avnet Cloud Solutions, analyzing the short- and long-term cloud computing opportunities in the data center,” said Tim FitzGerald, vice president of Avnet cloud solutions group for Avnet Technology Solutions of Americas. “Avnet Cloud Solutions will leverage this knowledge to help our partners capitalize on cloud computing opportunities that are in the greatest demand among customers today. The Avnet Cloud Solutions team will work with our partners to accelerate their growth and build successful off-premise cloud solutions businesses.”

To develop its portfolio of integrated and packaged solution offerings, Avnet has joined hands with cloud providers like Savvis to develop their suite of integrated and packaged solutions.

Avnet said, “We chose cloud providers that align with the workloads that the team has determined are in high-demand areas, along with those providers that meet specific requirements that ensure the best interests of Avnet’s partners are protected and bring the greatest value to end customers”.

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