IT Europa, a European web hosting and news analyst company along with Angel Business Communication is likely to host the UK managed services and hosting summit 2013. The summit is stipulated to be held on February 12, 2013 according to the press release on Friday.

The summit is going to be a management level conference and exhibit, and is going to take place at the Millenium Gloucester Hotel in London. It is aimed at hosting providers, hardware and software vendors, and web service providers who are either providing managed services or hosting via resellers, integrators and service providers, or developing their own managed services portfolio and sales of hosted solutions.

Another inaugural web hosting conference and summit called the Reseller Club Web Hosting is scheduled to be held in Mumbai, India on the 1st and 2nd of November.

The Summit will enable businesses to expand their horizons into the domain of managed and hosting services. It would also help in building strong bonds between existing partnerships.

The conference sessions will tackle such topics as The Role of Managed Services and Hosting Provider, Positioning, Pricing and Projection, Partnering for Success, Aligning Services to Business Objectives, Enabling the Creation of Agile Organisations, Delivering Enterprise-Class Solutions and the Future of the Channel.

The sessions will be complimented by talks from participating vendors and service providers; providing insight into the different services that companies can offer to their customers.

“Advances in technology, economic pressures and evolving business models are combining to fundamentally change role of both IT and telecoms channels,” said Alan Norman, managing director of IT Europa. “The Managed Services & Hosting Summit 2013 provides a unique opportunity for vendors, VARs, integrators and service providers to come together to address the issues and opportunities arising from the surge in customer demand for managed services and hosted delivery models.” updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

Ethics for Web Hosts

In a business environment, developing a work culture is a very important step in one’s career path. Things like checking up all the deadlines, come to work on time and maintaining a cordial relationship with your peers constitute as good work culture. Same principles apply when you are on the other side of the glass door and if you are a web host more so as you are responsible for customers and based on their experience your company thrives. Of late, it is observed that several web hosts are shutting down business because they are losing customers and gaining poor reputation. On closer inspection, it has become clear that these companies lack the basic ethics which every web hosting companies needs to follow. Take a look at some of them listed below and incorporate them in your work culture to ensure that your company doesn’t become another one to bite the dust.

Up-time should be the Goal:

As a global rule of thumb, every possible flaw in the system will be ignored if the sites that you are hosting stay online 24X7. Features and services needed for the smooth operation of the websites are all in order and in perfect working condition. Although a small downtime is acceptable, anything more than that is not.

Usually when the downtime nightmare takes place, the hosting websites experience certain side effects. Web monitoring agents search for websites which have been in limbo for a certain time. These agents have the power o suspend or even delete these inactive sites. Not to mention the visitors who will also remove the sites from their lists thinking the site is closed. To avoid such incidents, maintaining a 100% up time record is ideal.

Map the Performance:

As a web host, you will always have profits on your mind. That is the reason you will want to cram as many sits as you can in a single server. The downside of this practice is that, all the websites will not be able to perform optimally. You should make sure that all the sites that you are hosting perform well. The one way to ensure that this happens- stop overloading the servers.

Make Customer Service/Support an Experience:

We all know that things that you really want to avoid just come back and smack you on the face. These will be times when servers will crash and when they will require through maintenance. During these time s you should make sure that your customers know about it. To ensure that the alerts are not treated as spam, give your customers options to receive updates.

Deliver What You Promise:

Industry experts state that customers will waste no time in moving to a different host, if they don’t really keep up with their promise. Certain web hosts will promise to launch revolutionary services which will change the face of the web experience you are going to hear a lot of excitement from your customers but if these promises fall flat, all you are going to hear the customers say is “nothing to do here”.

Remember, you thrive through your customers:

Bear in mind that your company makes money through the web masters and that your relationship with these people is direct  and you are paid by them. It is important to not annoy the customers as you might find yourself out of business. More importantly ,recession is at large and to keep yourself from going down that road, makes sure that your customers are happy and automatically your company will prosper. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

Free Web Hosting Services- Some Free things are Just Not Worth it

We all swear by the phrase “All good things come free”. But in the present is it really true? For example, take the web hosting universe- are the web hosts who advertise their “Free Services” are really worth the hype or is it just another scheme to con you into spending much more than you intended in the beginning? The industry itself has witnessed several accounts where the companies have gone bankrupt while leaving their customers high and dry after failing to offer them free hosting services for life.

In spite of the nightmare stories surrounding the “free service” option, there are people who are still considering it. For the same reason, let us look at this deal under the microscope which will offer some insight on this free hosting scheme.

Free Services Come With a Price Tag:

Often to capture attention of potential customers, companies put up a “free web hosting ad” all over their site, and while it is tempting, closer inspection will reveal that, you have to shell out one-time only fees to avail the services. Adding to the fine print is the fact that you also have to have a domain registered with that particular web host by paying an additional capital. Don’t have a domain, we’ll see that hole in your pocket widen as you may end up paying a significant premium for a new domain.

Adding insult to the injury is the revelation that you will come across after you have just finished paying for your free services. This just happens to the detail that says that your free hosting service has restricted bandwidth and disk space. So basically by the end of it, you just find out that you have burned through your company’s saving just to afford the free services. The best part about this whole scam is that your web host will later offer to up sell you to go for the paid plan in the future.

The Crack in the Pot:

It is needless to say that the entire scheme of free web hosting is flawed.  Let me give you as walk through, these hosts get paid only once i.e. when the customer signs up, but they have to keep paying to keep up their customer’s service indefinitely. These hosts are highly vulnerable to credit card fraud too as thieves use these sites to check if the cards are good to go. Also since their operating costs are low, it affects the quality of the services they provide. Considering free services mean that you will have to compromise on critical areas of services like security, uptime, data backup, customer service and support.

The Third Wheel:

Your uptime depends on how reliable your provider’s server is. if your web host is reselling hosting on a third party’s server, then it is something to be worried about. In case of faults, your hosting provider will have no idea about how or when the problem will be fixed. The person who suffers during this whole ordeal is yes, you. Worst case scenario with the involvement of a third party will be if your service provider and the third party start a dispute. In such cases, be ready for your website to go into limbo till they hug and make up.

Even when the web hosts have their own servers, chances are they don’t really spend a lot (cause its free remember?) on security. This feature (or the lack of it) makes it a perfect hunting ground for scammers and fraudsters. Investing in a quality security service should help. Also these hosts don’t have back up services either (why are even considering free service?), so make sure to back up all your data on a regular basis.

Test Your Patience With Customer Service:

Free web hosting services offer customer support through email. These companies are severely understaffed which comes as no surprise. So in case of a serious problem , you just should kick back and relax (or not) as it  is unlikely that you will be able to hear  a voice on the other end of the line if you are calling the support staff.

Bottom line is, free hosting service is for people who like to gamble and also are experienced to deal with ‘perks’ which come with deal. It is also for someone looking or services with minimum support. This is strictly prohibited for people who have just learnt how the internet works. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

Infinity Virtual and McAfee Come together to Create SaaS total protection suite

Web hosting provider Infinity Virtual recently announced that they have joined forces with McAfee to offer their SaaS total protection suite. The suite offers services such as endpoint, email, Internet, and network security. This announcement came after Infinitely Virtual began offering QuickBooks financial management software to its customers via the cloud. The McAfee SaaS Total Protection service is available to Infinitely Virtual clients on a monthly basis or by annual subscription.

Usually web hosting service providers choose several different security providers to offer a wide range of security services, but this move by Infinity Virtual is one of the ways to save money.the brand name , McAfee also makes it easier to acquire clients.

“Our clients asked for an all-in-one solution and we’ve responded by partnering with an industry leader in the security space,” Adam Stern, founder and CEO, Infinitely Virtual said in a statement. “With McAfee, we’re delivering end-to-end protection, enabling customers to receive immediate, up-to-the-minute threat protection to ensure that data, systems, and networks are instantly and consistently secure. McAfee nicely complements our intrusion detection and prevention system, which goes beyond the firewall to stop malware, phishing, SQL injection and other aggressive threats.”

McAfee SaaS Total Protection includes host-based and cloud-based web filtering, cloud-based email filtering and continuity, email server security and real-time updating across desktops, servers and networks.

Early this year, McAfee provided services to fix spam issues with the use of the total protection suite. Also last month marked the day when Infinitely Virtual began offering a hosted product based on Microsoft’s SQL Server 2012. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.