PEER 1 Hosting Gets Ready to Offer Assistance the Business to Prevent Disrupting During the London Olympics

PEER1 hosting who are global online web hosting provider recently announced that they are launching their own TEAM 2012 which will offer assistance to business which are required to stay online during the London Olympics this summer, this move is a result of the government caution to the London businesses which cloud be disrupted due to the upcoming events.

Dominic Monkhouse, MD of PEER 1 Hosting UK said: “For many businesses, the events in London this summer bring the potential of increased business whilst also presenting potential of increased complexity. We have had a number of enquiries from businesses based in and around London and the South, who are dependent on the internet, whether it’s for back office SaaS applications, ecommerce sites, customer service portals, virtual training or anything in between, who want to make sure their business benefits rather than suffers from the increased activity on the capital.

He also stated “PEER 1 Hosting is uniquely positioned to help organizations doing online business in London during the summer events. Our wholly owned and managed 10Gbps Fast Fiber Network™, Portsmouth Data Centre, High Availability and Disaster Recovery Services and Content Distribution Network (CDN) are designed and managed to deliver uptime and reliability at all times. And because they circumvent the network quagmire that will be London during June and July, businesses that need to be online nonstop can stay online nonstop.” updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

Criteria of Choosing an Ideal Web Hosting Company

If you have a company or an entity, you will obviously need to find a way for people to be able to know about it. This must be cost effective and able to easily reach the people you want as customers. The internet is the highest ranked asset, in the history of technology, because the whole world is able to gather vast information by simply clicking the mouse. When you are seeking ways to reach people through the internet, you will find that there are many options, but the most effective is web hosting.

You first want to know what web hosting really is, although the name is self explanatory. As the term states, web hosting is simply the method by which you have a web host launch your website onto the internet. This can be through a server which could be either your laptop or another computer. A Web host may host several websites in addition to yours. The www, also referred to as the World Wide Web is where your website can be viewed after a web host has rented space to you for your website.

There are many web hosting companies and that is why you need to follow some criteria of choosing an ideal web hosting company in order to make the decision profitable. Web hosting companies may have the same plan in mind, but this may not necessarily mean that the services will be same. With the characteristics of web hosts getting to be rather generalized, you will need to be alert if you want to make a difference. Web hosts have generally the same agenda and relatively comparable services, but a difference you would want to note is the options available for future expansion.

Space will always prove to be an important part of the criteria of choosing an ideal web hosting company. You would want to ensure that your prospects of improving your website are not hampered by the company having limited space. As you investigate expansions there are options that can be used to classify the expansions you might want to make. Depending on the type of website you want, you will find that this may mean photos. Photos will come in the form of TGIF, and Jpeg among others.

Some web hosting companies are known to restrict people from uploading certain types of photos and this makes it very important criteria of choosing an ideal web hosting company. Speed can be placed at the top of the list when looking into the criteria of choosing an ideal web hosting company. You will obviously need good speed when choosing a web host since this is will be appreciated if anyone on the internet clicks on your website and it opens immediately.

Maintenance by the web host is very important since down time is normal, but it should not be a common occurrence. The moment a web host experiences down time, firstly, you should be notified and secondly their systems should be running again, as soon as possible. If your website always displays as being unavailable, potential customers are bound to lose interest.

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The Fact Why Inexpensive Web Hosts Are Better Than Free Web Hosts

There are beliefs that some people hold concerning web hosting that can be detrimental to the overall performance of a company or an organization. These beliefs can affect those who intend to start a business on the internet or to those that have recently begun internet operations. One of the major disadvantages is that all the aspects of control will not be under the business owner but rather, the free web hosting supplier. In addition to the numerous disadvantages, there is also the aspect of not being in control of all the advertisements which will appear on your website. The posting on your own website will be limited and this will hinder the progress of your business in the long run.

Another obvious disadvantage that can affect you is the fact that the web hosting company can decide to suspend your operations at any particular time. When such an event occurs, there is a risk of losing your hard -earned reputation and all the efforts that have been invested into making sure that the website is operational. This can also lead to the collapse of your business due to the loss of loyal customers and any other potential customers that were interested in doing business with you. Apart from losing the customer base that is very hard to establish, potential and existing customers may also cancel out existing deals. Such  a move can lead to the fall of an already established business foundation.

Many of those who opt to run their businesses under the free web hosting offers are often under the assumption that there is no difference between a free web hosting company and an inexpensive one. This kind of assumption is based on a secondary assumption that since an average web hosting fee varies between five and ten dollars per month, there is not much of a difference with the free hosts. What most do not understand is that the very low cost of overall web hosting offers are so because of the fact that there has been a trend established under this market which is based on very stiff competition.

The other aspect is that when people start browsing for less expensive web hosting companies, they come across false offers that have been advertised by the free web hosting companies. This encounter fools the client into accepting the free offers, not knowing that they are getting into a potential and highly probable business demise. Finding a good, reliable and inexpensive web hosting company can be a daunting task which will probably take weeks or even months to complete.

A commendable approach that can assist in solving this problem is to make use of web hosting reviews that have in-depth information about various inexpensive webhosting companies. This approach will dramatically cut down the time that is consumed to find a suitable web host.

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