Shop Like a Maniac, Pay Like an Intellect

Instant seems to be everybody’s favourite word in this decade.  ‘Instant coffee’,’ instant messages’, ‘instant mail’, ‘instant job’ (ok, not jobs, have to be realistic here). But the order of the day is that the lot of the 21st century has become lazier in comparison to their ancestors thanks to ‘instant everything’. Now that they have become lazy or “busy” (that’s how they put it), companies have found a way to cash in on this deadly sin as well (Wrath, you are next) and thy name is “Online Shopping”.

With this unique portal you can buy an artifact from Cambodia or the latest Louis Vuitton bag without even getting off the couch. All you need a butt-load of money in the form of your spouse’s or dad’s credit card and a computer with a decent internet connection.

Online shopping has added an entire new dimension to the shopping experience. You can shop anytime and anywhere, buy things from all over the world. You can even buy Brad Pitt’s used napkin from the internet though its authenticity might be questionable. Now, keeping all the glorious joys of shopping from home aside, you do have to pay for them (it’s still not free). The easiest way to do it is through PayPal. This is mostly because it’s easy and usually it’s the go-to money transaction system for all the businesses who sell their products online.

For those who don’t know about PayPal, by definition, it is a business which allows payments and money transfer through the internet. This can be used from anywhere in the world. It works as long as you have a credit/debit card and money in the bank.

Even after revolutionising the shopping experience by putting everything online, most people refrain from buying things online. They have their reasons and good ones at that. They have a few horror stories to share, including the one where the package never arrived and PayPal refused to refund the money. But the bad stuff is very rare; most customers are quite satisfied with the service.

PayPal has millions of customers all over the world and people are using it on a daily basis to buy numerous products from the net. PayPal is a fairly reliable way to select the payment schemes for the product you want to buy.

How it Works?

PayPal works as an online account system. Once you open your account here, you will be depositing a certain amount in it. Now when you go to your favourite online store for some retail therapy, you can do the payment procedures through your PayPal account. All this depends upon how much credit you have in the account.

PayPal also has a limit of how much you can deposit and how much you can use at a time. This system works on the same principle as the prepaid plan of your mobile phone. The system is sound on its own but it is expensive and sometimes prone to security breaches.


Shop Safe

Internet is an ocean where you are merely a clownfish. The online shopping is a different ball game altogether. There are sharks (Hackers, phishing experts) that are just waiting for you to click on that shiny attractive link which promises you a rare and “original first issue of superman in mint condition”. The only catch probably involves you signing up with just your bank account number and password. How convenient right? That’s why you need to be alert and use your common sense when shopping online and sharing your details there.

Here are some points which would try to convince you that PayPal is actually a safe bet when shopping online. If you are still not sure about it, then you are welcome to roll your eyes under those fabulous Gucci Shades you got off discount on EBay.

  • PayPal’s cutting edge fraud models and Scam detection protocols led by the modern technology work tirelessly to stop the scammers before they strike. Also PayPal regularly develops its security and anti fraud technologies to keep the cons away.
  • PayPal has the industry’s most strict and knowledgeable anti- con team on their side. PayPal takes its customer and their security very seriously. This is why the loss incurred by the customers through PayPal is significantly lower than its other industry peer.
  • PayPal commits itself to its customers and to maintain their safety. Hence, during transactions the recipients can see only limited information none of which has anything to do with your account information.

Keep in mind that scammers and frauds will continue to do what they do best. It is up to you to be smart and logical about the situation and take control. PayPal and other such systems can only do so much to protect you and your details. You really can’t blame these systems if you are naive enough to believe that someone in the internet is selling the Map to El Dorado or you just became the proud partner of an oil rig in the Middle East! updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.