Tools to monitor web hosting provider

An average business man today wants to move his business online. Having got a website hosted and running it, he will be excited about its reach. After sometimes he wonders if his website is really giving him the ideal service. Curious owners then try to lay down his hands on some excellent monitoring tools which can be used to check the performance of the web hosting company.

Who is hosting

This is one of those efficient tools that can be used to check the performance of the hosting provider. It has a rather simple window where the domain name of the website will be displayed. This tool immediately looks for the hosting provider and displays it.


This tool usually provides most cases of data and analysis in the web and virtual private server (VPS) hosting providers. It can indicate different selection of services that every web and VPS hosting company offers which include server downtime, anti-phishing and other services.


This tools’ manufacturer has many utility tools that can be obtained and used for free whilst some can be procured with a little price. This company also provides website proprietors tools such as Wake-on LAN, RFC Research, Traceroute and Country IP Range toolsets.


Provides detail analysis and information that looks very much like those provided by WHOIS. com web site. The utility tool not only indicates the web or VPS hosting providers for the particular website, but also generates more information like the date of expiration in the domain, hosting, contact information and name servers for the website as well.