Online Marketing Guidelines

Website contents are dished out like hot buns these days. There is so much demand for a web presence in today’s age that good content can make or break your business. But often, we see how web content of a specific type works for one company but fails to do anything but occupy space for another.

It is all about understanding your goals; whether it be your marketing goals or business ones. Let there be some rhyme or reason to your marketing strategy. If your audience wanted fun, they would turn to stand-up comedy. Remember, you are cleverly and discretely selling yourself. Just because it worked for company X, does not necessarily mean it will work for you too. Once your goal is nailed down, content becomes easy to create.

I have seen so many websites that seem to think blogs are where you advertise your creative skills. It is; if it is your personal blog. If the blog is meant for company promotion, please refrain from expressing your feelings. Every post that goes on your blog needs to be a part of the quilt pattern.

To guide you along a path of uncertainty, here are a few tips that can help make your life less strenuous while planning your online marketing strategy.

Customers Dig Informative Content

The content you put up on your website should be useful, well written and informative. Customers come looking for services for a reason. Sometimes, they are just looking for information. If what you have to say is everything that they are looking for, you just won your case even before you made your defence. It is important to make prospective clients feel that they are in right hands. Be genuine.

Wrap it With Fancy Paper

The line “It’s not what you say, but how you say it that matters” has been used silly. But it still is as true as it was when it was first said. Your content should attract social media sites like sweets attract flies. It’s nice to have a loyal customer base. It is more exciting to have new ones. You need to get the word out there that you exist and you are mind-blowingly good. Social networks will act as your best friends.

Talk About Your Problems

When I say talk about the problems, I mean discuss the problems that your company is structured to solve. Put your content out there. People will have more questions. Make use of the questions and answer them. You can build a solid FAQ section with this. Also, you can make use of the questions to improvise on content for the next website makeover.

Be a Dr. Phil

Don’t just talk about the problems. That will make you seem like a perpetual whiner. Offer solutions too. Offer expert advice. Sometimes, people do love to listen. If your company offers an innovative solution to a gargantuan problem, talk about it. A lot! By doing this, you are just not telling your customers that you can do it; you are showing them that you can do it.

Everybody Loves a Good Discussion

Your product is good. It is better than good. It’s the best. But still, you are not able to perform well. Does this sound like a problem you are facing? It may be because your product is highly priced. Or maybe it’s complicated to put together. Is it not user friendly? Explain why this is so. Offer suggestions. Offer to assemble the machine for the client; offer to train the client to use the product; not only will you be known as a considerate buyer, you are also selling your product.

Add a Little Drama

When you are writing content for a site, remember, you have one thing going for you‒ the reader’s imagination. Imagination lets the person add more details to the picture than an award winning ad. Bank on it. Let your customer feel the importance of your product even before he has used it. The idea is to ingrain the need for the product in your customer’s mind.

Pair Up

If you are good at doing A but are ridiculously lousy at B, and someone else is good at doing B but is equally bad at A, do you know what the logical solution is? Yes, a mutually beneficial partnership works very well. Sometimes, passion speaks. Be irreplaceable at what you do; you will find someone who wants to promote your expertise.

 Be Human Friendly

Most companies build their content around search engine keywords. What’s damaging about this technique is that the customers may not find you all that informative or impressive. The aim is to draw the clients to you, not just the SEO. Create content that people will find useful. SEOs will most certainly find you.