Content Marketing, Anyone?

If you have been in marketing and advertising for some time now, you will notice that like service, marketing and advertising is not a onetime deal; you have to keep going back into the battlefield and you have to keep winging it till you get lucky. If you thought that you would market your company brilliantly the first time and let your success stories take care of you for the rest of the ride, you thought wrong.

Consumer mind is like a water pipe. What goes in eventually comes out. They will forget about you. They have limitless water molecules to transfer. You can’t get free lunch forever.

What do you do? You keep interacting with them and constantly keep reminding them that you are in the market and you would love to do business with them.

How do you do that? Say hello to content marketing.

Adopting only traditional ways of marketing is not cutting the deal anymore. Merely shooting ad-films and airing them over and over again is no longer sufficient. Besides, ad-films are expensive. What you need is something more concrete; something more direct; something that directly calls for an action; something that pulls at your end user’s strings more effectively.

Coca-Cola greatly supports these marketing techniques. If it works for a multi-billion dollar company like Coca-Cola, it will work for you too. Like I said before, you need to keep coming back to your users with small treats. With technology seeping into every crack in our lives today, making your presence permanent is not going to be difficult at all.

Make it share worthy

Keep a regular flow of content; by content I mean press releases, phone apps, viral videos, ads, blogs, social networking and much more. You have to ensure that all these contents have a connecting link, a strong, common idea, if you will. They should all promote you. That is the reason for their existence.

Merely putting out content is not enough. You should always maintain the quality of your content. Ensure that your content is so good, that it can spread through the online communities like wild-fire. If you can do that on a regular basis, you, dear sir/miss, have arrived. Remember, nobody likes boring, lengthy content. Keep it simple, silly.

Throw in some variety

Innovation is the key to attention. But I’m not asking you to go all the way to town with it. Play it safe too. Coca-Cola, for instance, follows a 70-20-10 approach. 70 percent is safe, easily acceptable, easily creatable, yet interesting content. This section has less chances of blowing up in your face.

20 percent is a moderate risk category, where you derive inspiration from the low risk section and delve deeper. This takes a good amount of time and energy to pull through. This is meant to connect one level deeper with your audience.

The remaining 10 percent is a potential landmine. You bombard your audience with whacked-out, brand new ideas and just hope that it is a hit. Let me tell you, great ideas are made of this stuff. This section is what gives the creators a creative high, a mental dope.

The problem with this is that not too many marketers how to categorise the 70%- 20% and how to go about writing content for the two categories. In the 20percent category, you explore the consumer’s issues in-depth and try and address it through your content. In spite of it being an in-depth piece, make sure you keep it crisp.

The 10%, on the other hand, challenges every fibre of your creativity. It gives your company new ideas for the next big thing. So don’t try to be afraid to try something new.

Make it the best thing of your life

Remember to be your own worst critic. That way, you are bound to come up with award winning stories. There can be no compromise on content excellence because the image of your company will be based on the content you will write.

Be open to ideas from everyone in your organisation. Keeping your ear open to ideas is one of the requirements of a successful marketer. And back the idea with excellent content. There is no way around it. There is no substitution to good content. Without good content, all marketing strategies can be flushed down the drain.


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Small Business Online Marketing

Every business enterprise strives to increase its sales in order to maximize on profit and expand its operations. It is with these goals in mind, that many small businesses globally are taking advantages of increasing number of internet users by employing online marketing.  Small business enterprises have embarked on online marketing to: curb competition, create their product and services awareness, to maintain clients and source for more business and without forgetting, online marketing has been a forum to launch and promote new products and services in the market. Cost of doing business being a big factor to small businesses, online marketing has proved to be effectives and affordable as compared to other forms of marketing.

Social media and forum

With introduction of social media and forum like facebook, twitter, my space, Google plus and other has made small business online marketing not only cheap but also effective. For instance, marketing personnel can convey a product promotional message on to millions of diversified online facebook accounts users or twitter by just a single post. A small business enterprise in a modern and competitive world cannot dare to ignore online marketing irrespective of how well your brand may be known or their market.

Online marketing for small business

Online marketing for small business may be difficult to undertake when the enterprise does not have a website.  Website, a blog or an online page for a small business acts as a resource centre for products and services, contacts and addresses and indeed for references. It is urged any business intending to carry out online marketing should first start by considering having a website.  Suitable online marketing strategies for small business can be arrived on when: a research has been carried out about products and services, targeted group or region has been identified, costs and infrastructures is available, personnel Stand resources to carry out the online marketing and  in addition the effectiveness  of the online marketing campaign to be undertaken, online marketing are vast activities, the way one business handles online promotions and activities may vary from business to business depending on skills of the staffs, result needed, targets market and many other factors.

Fundamental for small business

It is fundamental for small business to categories its online activities in to rhyme the online tactics that business undertakes, for instance, strategies employed whiling marketing a website or promoting it ranking on search engines like Google or Bing, will be totally different from online marketing strategies for a tangible products.Thus, classifying these activities in terms of: product, services and website would basics for any small business online marketing. Generally a small business may carry out these online marketing activities; have a facebook page, where user can like the pages and comment or enquire, twitter account, where offers and other business activities can be posted, list business name on available online directories and classified website, a small business may use online advertiser and publishers to carry out its online campaigns, for examples Google Ad word and other option that are available.

Since business carry out online marketing activities to generate revenue or rather to promote their products and services, results can be seen only when appropriate online marketing strategies are undertaken.

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Online Marketing Software

Online marketing can be a very tedious activity and involving especially when an individual or a company does not have personnel with online skills. However, with the growing technology, developers have invented online marketing software that has simplified and revolved the whole ideas of online marketing.  This marketing software has replaced most of the work which was (that could be) done manually or with several staffs and thus efficiency and much time is   saves in the process.

  •  Instance developed to handle

Marketing software’s has been for instance developed to handle the following online marketing task: SEO Marketing, PCC Management .email marketing and social marketing automations just to name a few. For example, email marketing software enables the sender to mail quality contents and in turn it analyses the feedback which would be done by an individual. Online marketing has indeed made things easier whereby an survey software is designed to get the data online, process the data and then give analyses information much quick than it could been handled by human being.

  • Some important online marketing software

Some of the known online marketing software include: PPC BidMax, Mail Communicator, Adobe Online Business Optimization, XGenSEO, Apex Pacific and Email Validator among other. Introduction of this online marketing software has come with a lot of advantages not only to the marketers but also to the businesses at large. This software has help in saving time which would be used to hire many personnel to perform one task that is being done by this software’s. As a result of this online software we are able to get reliable information with less error and in turn value for money and results for our online activities. THE online software re has facilitated reception of quick feedback and analysis of the data. The sites seek SEO is able to get better ranking faster with the use of this online software as compared to when it done by human being.

  •   Suitability of the software

The suitability of the online marketing software will greatly depend on the tactic taken and the result desired, for instance, if individual employs Email marketing as his desired online marketing option, he may go for Email Validate or email communicator. And those seeking to optimize on the search engine may choose XGenSEO or any other related.  This online marketing software’s are being sold by the developer at a cost and cost may vary from one software to another and depending the strategy wishes to be undertaken by the marketer. The user may shop to determine the suitability of the automation software that will give return for his money and at the same fulfill the online marketing aspect with set goals achieved at the end of the day.

  •   Some activities

The online marketing software aids in the when carrying out online promotions, but still there some activities which need to be done manually in order for the software to give accurate information and desired result as well. A vast research is necessary on the best software to employ on your online marketing activity as with increase of internet fraud, an individual may buy either fake software on lost money.

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Traditional Marketing vs. Online Marketing

Whether traditional vs. online marketing, the marketing department of every business must ensure reliability and good strategy in making the products and services more visible. Every businessman from all over the world admires growing and become popular all over the world someday.  For a business to be successful, one must be determined and focus fully on its operation.  Even an established business must still put more efforts in making its products and services visible to its customers.    For every business to succeed, it is crucial that it considers creative marketing platform.  Moreover, the growth of the business in future depends on strong marketing strategy that is planned with well experienced team of markers.     

  • Many businesses are choosing online marketing

It is quite evident that many businesses are choosing online marketing rather than traditional marketing due to the fact that in the recent past, every business is going online and so do marketing campaigns.  For instance, it is a fact that an individual would prefer to go online to listen to his favorite music to waiting until the music is played on the radio.  Online is very quick, reliable and very accurate in delivering information.

  • Online marketing more often than traditional marketing

Within online industry there is stiff completion in terms of marketing since there are many people dealing with the same products and services and they all want them to become visible to their customers.  This is why it is better to use online marketing more often than traditional marketing because traditional marketing seems to work so slowly and sometimes most customers are not able to obtain the kind of information that they should obtain.  Traditional marketing vs. online marketing only work well when both are combined together.  For instance, when the simple radio adverts are incorporated with website addresses, they do much better. As illustrated before traditional marketing is slower and costly at the end of the day since incases when one needs to send a mail or call his potential customers, it would take some time before the goal is achieved but when it comes to online, it only takes a few seconds to obtain the necessary message5.

  • The importance of developing a business website

For business that talks to their customers trough phone calls, it is high time now they realize the importance of developing a business website so that the clients will be able to post their comments in relation to the products and services for the business. Incase a customer finds some errors in the products, one can swiftly complain to the producers over the products for correction.   While the traditional marketing mainly concentrates on the products, services and their prices, the online marketing focus on the traffic target.  Traditional marketing employs the usability of televisions, newspapers, magazines as well as flyers among others while online mainly employs internet and it seems to be the safest and the quickest in promoting business sales.

Traditional marketing vs. online marketing is still something that most people are still arguing about which is best to employ considering the price of employment and the level of productivity. But all in all one must full understand all these techniques before using them.

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Online Marketing System

Online Marketing System (OMS) is a complete body or network of online marketing solutions. If you are a marketer, don’t wonder for searching the consumer behavior offline! Online Marketing System (OMS) creates a defined line of procedure to achieve the objectives of online marketing for marketer who intends to know insights of customer behavior, how customers seek information through websites and trends of selection of products or services. Apart from the marketers, even private analysts or legislative bodies controlling specific segments of markets use Online Marketing System (OMS) to study the market or customer behavior.

  • Fully automated or hybrid system

Online Marketing System (OMS) can be fully automated or hybrid system. A fully automated Online Marketing System (OMS) do not require human efforts which can be appearance of static commercial pop ups on social networking like Face book or Orkut or dynamic stock updates on knowledge websites which changes during stock market is open. A hybrid Online Marketing System (OMS) comprises group of people using some automated Online Marketing Systems (OMS) or networks to promote brands or services. E-mail marketing is hybrid Online Marketing System (OMS) e.g. sending e-mails to intended users or customers about brand awareness, request business or seeking for information or buyer tastes to conduct market study through use of surveys or questionnaires.

  • Choice is yours!

Want to go for an Online Marketing System (OMS)? There are 1000’s of vendors of Online Marketing System (OMS) available in market with varied systems, types and prices. Choice is yours! You can have one Online Marketing System (OMS) at a time or 3-4 Online Marketing System (OMS) working together as a group depending on the length and spread of market you are looking for trade.

  • simplest Online Marketing System

An effective Online Marketing System (OMS) should be simple and flexible to end consumers. Without any special skills, internet background, or business experience, you’ll have your own Online Marketing System build up and running in a matter of just few minutes that’s called simplicity. Creating a personal blog on web and allowing ad agencies to put advertisements on your personal blog site is one of the simplest Online Marketing System (OMS). In the cut throat competition, one needs flexibility in Online Marketing System (OMS) which allows marketers to add their own personal content, text, pictures and videos to personalize their marketing and brand themselves online.  The system contains multiple pre-installed templates, ads, marketing campaigns and more, which is great for beginners and also allows the personal customization experienced marketers demand.  Remember, your Online Marketing System (OMS) should be capable of benefiting you online and offline customization!

  •  Advantages

Your Online Marketing System (OMS) not only increases your sales of products or services but in fact sales the best out of all and more advantageously one that your customer needs. Take any garment website (e.g. Peter England, Laded etc.) and you will wonder you can access millions of garments just on a click of your mouse, enlarge them, swap them, choose different colors and size, select the price range too. An Online Marketing System (OMS) is like spiders net which will never allow your customer go away!

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Local Online Marketing

Although online marketing is cost effective and easy to measure the campaign results, some business need to consider local online marketing rather than general or international online marketing. The nature of some business demands local online marketing as their products and services may be only required locally. For instance. A fresh milk processing company in East Africa can only consider local online marketing due to: one, milk is not consumes on some part of the world i.e. Asia, milk is a perishable products and cannot be sold or stored for long period unless they are powder. Business and services which operates locally on certain state need to employ local online marketing.

  • Factors of online marketing

There are factors which can be used to determine whether to go international online marketing or local, and these may include, nature of the business, products and services being offered, the targeted group and market and the demand trend. A barber for example due the nature of his operation and targeted market he would rather list his services on local online directories, local classified website, seek better ranking on local searching engine rather going international where it would be difficult to offer his services. Unlike services which can be offered worldwide, some tangible products may force the seller to concentrate locally and thus local online marketing may be ideal.

  • Social networks

Local business seeking Search engine optimization (SEO) should focus on local engines optimization as well. It would be futile for local business to seek ranking where they won’t be seen or reached by their potential clients. Those using social networks, facebook and tweeter should consider avenues where only local users can be availed, for instance accounts that have only local friends and so on, in addition, social media can be used to drive traffic to your website and thus the audience will come to learn more about your activities. Listing your site or business on local directories and classified site would also be advised. Another local online marketing that can be employed is email marketing, however, this need to be done wisely to avoid being ignored by potential buyers or being reported as a spammer.

  • Online marketing companies

Creating back links on local site can be a good tool to do local online marketing, this is because the site are accessed by neighbours whom in turn may be your  business consumers. Online marketing companies like Google have marketing plan and software that allows their ad word programs to target only certain region and audience (a fees is paid depending on the clicks made on the ads) and this may be a good tool for local online marketing too.

Whether it local online marketing or international online marketing, business  do these  with the I am of making profit, generating more sales and thus whichever media has been embarked on should be appropriate in order to give result and pay for efforts. Moreover, with the increase of hacking, being carefully with kind of information you provide online and to your clients as well.

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Online Marketing Ideas

Do you think your product or service have no pace to rich to the right market? You need to think out of the box; in fact Online Marketing Idea (OMI) or e-marketing really! With smart personal digital devices and swift internet services, your product has wider opportunities of being easily marketed online be it in toilet in an early morning, at the bus stand while waiting for the boy friend or in the bad with eyes though waiting for sleep. An Online Marketing Idea works even after office hours, during lunch breaks and on indolent holidays.

  •  Field of online marketing

An Online Marketing Idea needs no particular size, nature, coverage, targeted customers or style of business.  An accountant writes blogs on the subject areas he is practicing in, makes his clients updated every time and gets the best out of Online Marketing. The better Online Marketing Idea (OMI) for an accountant is to invite field experts to submit articles on his personal web, leave a comment column for public at large and remain in the inbox of interested candidates with a daily pop up. The more you are known to your customers, the more you are going to get sold! Online Marketing Ideas are not only for active players in market but it attracts home seekers too with a free SMS of currently running discount scheme in garments or even lucrative jobs.

  • Applications of online marketing

You can hire Online Marketing Consultants or Agents for their ideas and advices. Make a website of your business, make it your identity! If you have faith in your business models, design your models though Online Marketing Ideas. Be the first find in Google search! Yellow pages are out dated. Do you know a local song in India i.e. KOLAVERI DI within a week of the official release of the video, it received more than 1.3 million views on YouTube, more than 1 million shares on facebook? Make a video, show your dance, song or any art through You Tube!

You will wake up next morning as a celebrity, for sure! Online Marketing Idea can sale your views and thoughts as quick as your products or services. Twitter helps your expressions or sayings market online. Online Marketing Idea does not end there. Google again will play a role in searching the best funniest or greatest quotes on Twitter and you will be right there again. If Western countries sell houses online, Eastern countries sell movies and life mates through Online Marketing Ideas.

  • doing a business is not just earning

If doing a business is not just earning few bucks but leaving memorable impressions then Online Marketing Ideas can leave impressions much faster! A good impression casted in even a single consumer’s mind through Online Marketing Ideas who will market your business mouth to mouth to 1000’s of other consumers. In this way, Online Marketing Idea smokes the hit with a good beginning and may end up with great offline marketing. If you are still waiting for to go on web, you will be sorry.


Online Marketing Companies

The demand to undertake proper online marketing from the professions has brought up the formation of online marketing companies. These companies are designed to handles online marketing activities on behalf of the individuals and companies, which in turn they charge for the services. This companies comprises of experts in various online marketing field thus they understand better the best  marketing strategies to be undertaken by an individual or businesses who need their services. Most of online companies they handle big range services which may include publishing, advertising, sell of software, and web hosting and web design among other services. Thus most of them may be one shop for your online marketing services

  •   There are established organizations

There are established organizations that have created their own brand while there are a few small and individual offering online marketing services. The complexity and result of the online marketing services may drive an Individual to ether this mega marketing firm or small companies. The online marketing companies is that uses modern technology  and head of the completion and gives best online marketing services is view as the best provider when comes to online marketing.

  • List of online marketing company

The list of online marketing company is long, but just to mention a few: Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Karma Snack consultant,,,, ProspectMX, link building,Indus,online marketing company,Romania seo outsourcing market service India,among others. When online marketing messages rich the target audience and feedbacks are received is when it is considered to be effective.  An online marketing company that will deliver result with less cost implication on the shortest time possible may passive as the ideal option.

  •  The benefit of online marketing company

The benefit of using online marketing company rather than doing it alone or using marketing software cannot be ignored. To start with, Due to the fact that, these online companies are marketing experts they tend to more effective as compared to individuals who have no marketing skills or using online marketing software. Second, these online marketing companies have tactics to woo clients in a better way which a common person cannot achieve. Another benefit of using marketing companies is that, they provide vivid communication about the products and services between the buyer and the services provider in a profession al manner which a software on none marketer cannot do. Finally, most of the marketing activities that may be undertaken by the outsourced company are likely to be permanent if not long term; this will mean even after the contract with the company is done you will still enjoy the services like, increased traffics, search engine ranking and many others.

  •   Training of online marketing

The owner of the business may get training from this online marketing company while undertaking your tasks. This skill will remain a vital tool for future promotion of your products online. It is advisable to continually asses the result of online marketing companies as at time their strategies may fail or take long to be effective. It is also urged marketing is expensive; a business should not get afraid to spend on online marketing companies as far they can account for money.

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Online Market Training

The internet is a virtual world that is controlled by web users unlike the real world where you have no control over it. The internet is an interesting place to be in you can find anything that the mind thinks of. Before you start on using the internet for selling your products and services, you will need online marketing training to kick-start your journey. You can make a fortune while doing business online your creativity is what counts. There are a few tips that you could use to help you succeed in online marketing.

One form of online market training is identifying your market needs and preference. Customers are unique and their needs are unique too so start by researching on what they search on the internet. once you have what they search on frequently, provide them with similar information on your website that way they will get to see what products you have on offer. Give your customers the information they need and they will always come back. Use online marketing to your advantage talk good about your products

Familiarize yourself with online marketing platforms is such as email, social network sites, and search engine optimization sites. From these platforms, you get to interact with your potential customers, tell them what you offer and if they like it, they will make orders. The interaction with the customers forms a network and when word goes round about your products, you will definitely get orders by the minute hence improved sales. Listen to your customers on ways you can improve your site to attract more customers. These reviews are important points you will know which areas to improve on in marketing your products online.

Be creative when you are involved in online marketing of goods and services. Have interesting information posted on your site, avoid unnecessary advertisements and articles. Customers want a site that has what they are looking for without going to other sites. By developing an attractive website with relevant articles, you are likely to get more hits that you can imagine. Another tip of online marketing is to make your site user friendly. You will get customers of all ages and intelligence and most of them are basic users try make it as simple as you can. Unless your target market is based on computer engineers and programmers then you can post technical information for them.

Another tip on online marketing goods and services is to update your site and information regularly. This is because you will regularly receive visitors to your site and they will expect new info on the products and services you offer. If your site is not updated regularly customers will seek info on related on other sites most likely your competitors. Register for updates regarding the products and services you offer. There is a software designed specifically for this purpose therefore you will get regular updates regarding your products and in turn provide quality products and services to consumers. Not only will you have increased sales when using online marketing, you will have steady flow of customers and you will have established a niche for yourself.

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Recommended Online Marketing tools

Online marketing tools have made it easier for buyers and sellers to conduct business via internet and in real time.The internet has revolutionized the way we communicate, the way we live, the way we think and it has changed the way we do business. It is now easier to do business with someone in a different locality, time zone or continent irrespective of the time and date. These online marketing tools are easy to use, others are free of charge depending on the nature of business. Businesspersons worldwide can now do their business with such ease and from their comfort of their homes by just clicking on a button.

Social networks website is an online marketing tool that can be use to advertise latest products. These networking sites have millions of followers and viewers thus ready market for your products and services. For example you tube can be used to post videos of latest electronics, skills such as cooking techniques, how to guides. You can use face book to get new customers by creating a group or a page of your products then add people to that particular group or fan page. On twitter and my space, you can request people to follow your online page then they will be able to see what you have to offer. These online marketing tools are very effective as it reaches a wider global audience where you interact with the customers in real time. This helps you know your customers’ tastes and fashion therefore make your services and goods to their preference

Use of keywords is another online marketing tool that can be used to market or search for business on the internet. This is useful for sellers who deal in distinctive products but the buyers do not know how to look for them. This tool s also known as pay per click marketing where sales are generated when the customer clicks on the adverts related to the search or page they were looking for. Google is one example of marketing tool that is cheap and easy to use just time the product or service you want to buy and results will appear.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is also an online marketing tool for advertising products. Online businesses have adopted search engine optimization tools because the internet specifically searches the content the customer has requested. This online marketing tool lists relevant pages making it easier for them to select products and if the content is attractive, the customer will keep searching for that particular page.

Email marketing is another social marketing tool that is cheap and easy to use. Business firms and company can use this tool to target selected customers and inform them about their products and services. This online marketing tool is effective and comes at minimal cost to the firms advertising hence increase revenue. The online marketing tool allows an interactive feature that enables communication between the client and the seller. Useful feedback is gathered from the interaction that can be used to improve the products and services.

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