It’s All About the (Domain) Name

If you have a business that requires a much needed exposure, look no further. You need to take your business online. Internet has shrunk the world and that’s where everyone is. Gone are the days when people would ask around for a solution to their queries. Now they just “Google” it. To become a part of this alternate universe (internet) your business needs an identity. This identity is commonly referred to as “domain”. It represents the business as a brand on the internet and gives you the necessary professional status online. Once you have this, your business stands a chance to shoot up to a whole new level.

Domain 101

Domain is basically a name you use instead of an IP address. IP address is unique to each system. The computers use this IP address to identify each other on the internet. For us humans, remembering these addresses is a hassle. That’s why domains names were developed, to easily identify various entities on the internet. It’s like calling a website by its name rather than an identification number.

Choosing a domain name is easier said than done. Chances are 9 out of 10 times, the name you chose to represent your business online is already taken. In such cases what should you do? Consider the pointers listed below which will help you choose the right name so that you can go ahead and make your presence felt in the internet world.

How should a domain name be like?

Technically, it can be anything. It can be catchy, witty or even sarcastic at times. The catch it to find one which has never been used (it is unique after all) and to keep a name that represents the website in the most appropriate way. For example, if the website is representing your company it should sound professional.  Hence, keep it simple by using the company name itself as the domain name.

It is wise to not choose a name which reads like a dream journal. It is not possible for someone to remember a name that long. Try saying your chosen domain name in one breath. If your outta breath by the end of it, change the name.

Do some research on your competition business. This is important because if the names are similar, it is highly likely that the people who are trying to find your business might end up on your rival’s page. Tweaking your rival’s domain name is not always clever.

Search around for other extensions if you can’t register your name as a “.com”. Investigate the “.com” site before you zero in on an extension. Most people instinctively go for “.com” and you don’t want them to be redirected to a spam site because of an extension. This name will be with you until you run out of business, or decide to change what your company is called. Make it worthwhile.

How do I get a domain name?

The easiest way is to go to a web hosting provider and get them to register your domain for you. Another way is to register through an accredited registrar (ICANN, for example). Since the market is competitive, you can get the domain name registered at a very low yearly fee. One important piece of information you should always remember is to renew the domain name before it expires. It is not renewed on time, then it will no longer belong to you and the registrar has the power to sell your domain name to anyone. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.