Web host Go Daddy has seen a 95 percent increase in India resellers for Q3 year-over-year, according to an email report sent to the WHIR by Go Daddy.

Go Daddy launched a reseller plan to support its Indian resellers in April 2012, which contributed to this growth, Go Daddy says. In August, Go Daddy reported that its customer base in India had grown 52 percent since January.

This growth news comes as India has been rated one of the top three Internet markets in the world, with its user base growing around 41 percent annually. There are now 125 million Internet users in India, a huge opportunity for web hosts looking to tap into this market.

Go Daddy India reseller plans include a localized currency option as well as integrated payment processing with credit/debit prepaid cards, PayPal, net banking, ATM/Maestro debit cards, cash cards and mobile payments.

In addition, Go Daddy India resellers have a local, dedicated number for their India-based customers to call for support. Go Daddy opened its customer care facility in Hyderabad, India, in June 2012.

“Go Daddy has taken a hands-on approach to learning about resellers in India. We take the time to listen to their businesses, especially understanding their pain-points. Go Daddy is always evolving to fit the needs of our customers,” Rajiv Sodhi, Go Daddy India managing director said in a statement.

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Web hosting and domain registrar leader Go Daddy announced that it plans to recruit 200 information technology professionals. The move has come in view of the company’s expansion operation in USA. The recruitment drive is going to be held in the Phoenix city of Arizona State, USA. The open job fair will be organized on the 16th of October 2012 from 4.00 p.m. to 7 p.m.  This news was made public by the officials of Go Daddy on Friday i.e. on the 12th of October 2012.

The headquarters of Go Daddy is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company has experienced rapid and consistent growth in the last three years. There has been about 80% growth in the operations, benefits, and customer record of Go Daddy.

The company has strongly decided on the expansion operations across USA. It said that it plans to expand its Iowa customer center by recruiting around 300 employees. The domain registrar is growing rapidly in its area of business, and has maintained its status in the Fortune 5000 companies list. The growth of the company can be seen from its gross revenue for the year 2011, which has been about $895 million.

Go Daddy is looking for professionals and fresh candidates during this job fair. The categories that Go Daddy is hiring for are information technology, software developers, business intelligence, customer support, and customer care executives. It also takes the credit for having the best environment for the working staff. In the year 2009, Go Daddy achieved a position in the list of “Valley’s best places to work’ for six consecutive years.

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One of the leading internet hosting firms, Go Daddy said that some of its customers had serious problems with their sites and e-mail accounts. They say that a group of hacktivists have claimed responsibility for this service breakdown.

There has not been a status update on the number of customers who faced a problem, but it has been said that an Arizona based company called Scottsdale was inaccessible by late Monday afternoon.

“Hey all. We’re aware of the trouble people are having with our site. We’re working on it,” the Scottsdale, Arizona, company said via Twitter. Reason for this particular technical glitch could not be sourced and the company officials remained unavailable for comment.

Describing the attack, the company officials tweeted “Some service has already been restored. Stick with us.”

An anonymous person, who calls himself “Anonymous Own3r” has claimed responsibility for the breakdown via the social networking site, Twitter. The tweet also mentioned that it is the work of only one person and not a group.

About Go Daddy:

Go Daddy, founded in 1997 by Bob Parsons as Jomax Technologies, describes itself as the world’s largest web hosting company and also the top provider of domain names. Go Daddy serves customers from locations around the world, including Arizona, Iowa, California, Colorado, Washington, D.C., India, Singapore, and The Netherlands. With over 10.5 million customers and 40 product offerings, Go Daddy is the largest provider of the most secure websites in the world.

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On Wednesday, October 10 2012, Public Interest Registry announced that it has partnered with two leading hosting service providers, Go Daddy and e NOM. The registry explained that the partnership is for the auction of the most popular short .org domain words. The one and two word domain names were reserved earlier, but have been opened for auction after the approval of ICANN earlier this year. There are supposedly 42 domain names of this type. These will now be auctioned with the help of Go Daddy and eNom.

It was further told that the auction project is going to be called ‘Project 94’ containing some very interesting domain names like 7.org, pj.org, and a.org. It has been said that exclusive rights have been given to both these companies for the auction of the domain names. However, some terms and conditions are still to be framed.

In a press release statement , Paul Nicks, the director of Domain Name Aftermarkets said, “Domain names are, indeed, like ‘21st century real estate,’ more than just an address on the web, they are an online identity. As part of this historic opportunity we look forward to assisting our customers with integrating these very valuable names into their organization’s culture.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Tarun Naidu, the executive vice president of eNom Demand Media said in a press release statement, “As a long-time partner of The Public Interest Registry, we are very pleased to be able to help make these .org domains available for the first time to consumers. These additions both reflect and reinforce the value of the .org brand, and will be a truly memorable event in the domain name space.”

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Go Daddy’s CIO Augustine Goldman, through an official blog post explained the events that lead to the site’s breakdown. It confirmed that a series of perfect storm of network failures were responsible for the outage, and that the site was not hacked.

In the blog post, Goldman answered that the DNS server of the company answers about 10 billion DNS queries everyday, over 41 million DNS zones.

The September 10 event, says Goldman, “pushed many of our routers beyond their capabilities.”

“There was not a single issue that caused the service disruption,” writes Goldman. “Rather, it was the combination of multiple factors. The combined factors that contributed to the service disruption were: Router memory exhaustion; Router hardware failure modes; Containment.”

The investigation report said that Go Daddy’s routing hardware failed to transfer a very large routing table to the Forwarding Information Base. The routing hardware fell back to software switching mode and the routers’ CPUs did not transfer the packets.

“Within minutes of the beginning of the event, a recovery procedure was executed and the errant routes were removed from the routing protocol of all of our routers,” writes Goldman. “The procedure relied on a standard response from the routers’ software – remove the routes from the FIB and begin forwarding in hardware again. This coupled with normal tiered DNS caching should have minimized any service disruption that could possibly have been caused by the change. This timeout mechanism did not execute.”

Go Daddy says it has filtered routing information from the network, and has restored the routing table. It restored services as it brought back the pods online.

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Many of the small businesses that have their sites hosted by Go Daddy experienced a downfall on Monday, after the popular host Go Daddy came under a serious cyber attack.

A Twitter account of the group ‘Anonymous’ has claimed responsibility for the disturbance and chaos caused to the web host. But another tweet had a different story to say; it said that the ‘Anonymous’ group was not responsible for the attacks and that some other group was unnecessarily creating an outage.

Go Daddy spokeswoman Elizabeth Driscoll said that the outage occurred at 1.25 p.m. She also mentioned that at around 5.43 p.m the services were restored and Go Daddy was back in action. It has been confirmed that the data of the users is secure, with no harm being done to their passwords or credit card data. Go Daddy has been investigating the case and will be out with the reports very soon.

Go Daddy has over 5 million clients from all over the world. Amongst all the complaints that flocked the company’s website, most frequent were from the MixForSales.com-the Japanese site selling accessories, and the YouWatch.org-a video sharing site.

Go Daddy has also been a target by the hacktivists early this year, when the site launched the Stop Online Piracy act. Critics said that this act would create censorship to all internet content, and would tamper the freedom of internet usage. It also mentioned that this move would not be welcomed and might harm the reputation of the site.

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After five months of launching the cloud server product in May, Go Daddy has closed the new model. It has preferred to just continue with its traditional products and services.

The cloud services were called ‘pay-as-you-go’ and were launched in the month of May, this year.

The link to the cloud services page was redirected to the home page. But last week, the cloud services were still active.

“After reviewing all of our hosting products, we decided to double-down on our shared hosting and site builder products and invest to win in these spaces,” Harris quotes from the letter. “As part of this focus, we will discontinue Cloud Servers as a stand-alone product.”

Go Daddy remained unavailable for comment; the CIO of the company Augustine Goldman confirmed the news.

“We are focused on SMBs and SMBs don’t use our Cloud Servers product the way we are offering it now. So, in the weeks ahead, it won’t be a stand-alone product in and of itself. However, we plan to continue developing cloud technology into our other hosted products,” he wrote. “We will continue to support existing Cloud Server customers in a variety of ways.”

Go Daddy is the first hosting company to have officially withdrawn its cloud services after joining the race with the other hosting providers. Many web hosting giants popularized their cloud products, like Amazon with their highly successful EC2 product.

This move by Go Daddy has created a stir in the market and has lead to reports that the traditional hosting providers are not well equipped to compete with the cloud server markets.

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Go Daddy Produces Newest Child, “Go Daddy Cloud Servers”

The world’s largest provider of Web hosting, domain names and new SSL Certificates, Go Daddy, is revamping the cloud landscape with its newest offering – Go Daddy Cloud Servers. Cloud Servers combines convenient control panels, strong infrastructure, and popular features along with high power that is rapidly required by users at a 10th of the cost of their other services.

Many companies are now moving from traditional hosting to scalable servers with flexible network options as a result of rapidly expanding internet. Go Daddy designs cloud servers for companies that want complete control of their web hosting environment. One major feature of Go Daddy is that it allows setting up of a private cloud server in three easy steps.

“It has always been Go Daddy’s primary mission to help businesses grow through our cost-effective, reliable, feature-rich products,” said Go Daddy CEO Warren Adelman. “Cloud Servers is a Go Daddy innovation that takes the complexity out of a complicated technology, yet gives users a substantial range of sophistication.”

Go Daddy Vice President of Hosting Development Brian Krouse oversaw the development of the technology. “Cloud Servers takes ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ to a whole new level,” Krouse said. “Cloud Servers helps businesses that need both cost-effective flexibility and scalability.”

“Go Daddy Cloud Servers offers advanced networking features bundled into an affordable, easy-to-use solution,” said IDC analyst Melanie Posey. “This approach is different from competitors’ cloud models and offers customers a high degree of functionality and support at a reasonable price point.”

Backed by a dedicated 24/7 support team, cloud servers are also supported by their 24/7 network operations center and award winning security operations team at no additional expense.

Go Daddy focuses on assisting small businesses grow. It provides plenty of cloud based services and is the world’s largest mass marketing hosting provider by annual revenue according to Tier1 Research and is the #1 provider of net-new SSL certificates for 2011, according to the Netcraft, LTD Secure Server Survey.

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