Freudenberg IT has started a new data center in Durham which is in the state of North Carolina. This news was confirmed by the company on the 24th of September 2012. The company also stated that this initiative would help the company gain a wider response from this part of the region.
Freudenberg is also taking up steps to invest and upgrade the different features of cloud based services. This strategy is being used to strengthen their cloud based and web hosting services in the region. Freudenberg web hosting is investing in services like SAP managed services, information technology outsourcing, and application hosting. It is mainly concentrating on the cloud services and human resource sector to provide the best services to its customers.
Mr. Michael Heuberger, the president, and chief executive officer of Freudenberg IT web hosting said, “We have been running and hosting SAP systems for over 40 years and we understand the importance of security, data privacy, quality of service, agility, and the service level requirements in support of mission-critical applications. We are at the forefront of the latest IT trends that impact our customers, including cloud computing and big data. As a result, we continue to enhance our mission-critical hosting services portfolio to meet the growing demands of the markets we serve.”
This data center claims to have some of the world class, state of the art facilities in its campus. With its high walls and ceilings, concrete floors, underground cable system, it is definitely garnering a lot of hype. The data center is spread over a massive 30,000 sq ft in the heart of the research triangle park.