Web HSP Adds Enhanced IP to Its Customers

                Web HSP is a premier hosting company which offers commercial eCommerce hosting and also provides end to end web hosting solutions to all its customers. Web HSP is committed to provide the best web hosting and other services to its customers at highly competitive and attractive price. Web HSP is one of the trusted service providers and dedicated to provide 99.99% up-time. Web HSP customer support team is included with system administrators, system engineers and customer service representatives. Some of the services and solutions offered by Web HSP are web designing, CMS hosing, domain registration, merchant service, SSL certificates, blog hosting, eCommerce hosting and automatic script installers. Hosting products offered by Web HSP are VPS hosting, dedicated servers, Mobile websites, shared hosting and shared hosting.

                The web HSP management team announced the inclusion of enhanced IP to all its VPS hosting customers. VPS plans offered by Web HSP is tagged with a complete cloud hosting solutions and it also serves as a bridge between dedicated and shared hosting plans.  Inclusion of enhanced IP service will boost the security and consumes less energy compared to traditional hosting accounts. VPS hosting is a great web hosting solution since it can serve large customers with less hardware requirements. A single instance of VPS includes its own operating system, disk space, own bandwidth and can be rebooted individually.

Doug Davis, Spokesperson from Web HSP said, “We are excited to launch our new VPS plans to assist our clients protecting their hosting accounts. Security and performance are our primary goals at Web HSP”.

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SoCal Digital Marketing Announces Holiday Promotional For All New Web Designs

                SoCal Digital Marketing is an Orange County SEO and California web development company mainly into internet marketing. SoCal Digital Marketing currently serves 2 ecommerce and 12 websites and has gained over 1, 700 unique visitors per day. SoCal Digital Marketing has hosted and designed many websites to all its customers from local directories to real estate firms.  SoCal Digital Marketing was formed to give Southern California to maximize the return on investment and effectively design and structure the website for SEO. SoCal Digital Marketing is a hosting domain reseller which allows firms to add any client’s website to host a new website at a very inexpensive cost.

                SoCal Digital Marketing has announced the company is offering free website hosting for an entire, as a promotional event. Owner of Andrew Guida announced this promotional event to let potential clients know that SoCal Digital Marketing is their partner in Orange Country web development and design. Any customers who order a web design in this month (December 2012) will receive a free web hosting for entire 2013. A typical web hosting package from SoCal Digital Marketing includes domain registration, email hosting and website hosting.

                Andrew Guida said, “What most small business owners sometimes forget is that there are currently over two billion websites in the digital world and the only way to find them is through direct links, or search engines. Some form of internet marketing should be included in your website package because why would you build a great looking website if no one could ever find it?”

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Midphase offers 18 Month Free Business on Dedicated Servers

               Midphase is one of the leading web hosting company since 2003. Midphase is currently providing services for over 1, 000, 000 domains across 140 countries. Midphase provides shared, advanced, budget and other types of web hosting services to wide variety of clients. Midphase is one of the subsidiary of UK2 group and a significant player in US and European markets. Midphase is committed to provide superior client service and positive community involvement. Midphase has designed its data centers to provide reliable and secure services to customers.

               Midphase a premium web hosting company has recently announced an offer to their business hosting plan. Midphase customers can receive up to 18 months free web hosting and customers can also choose dedicated server plan for just $1.

Planning to start up a new blog or ecommerce or small business website? Midphase is one of the best hosting company you can look for. Midphase offers a cool new plan to all its new customers. If you buy a 12 month bulling plan, you will receive 6 month additional free hosting or buy 24 month billing plan to get 12 month free hosting.

David Anderson, sales and marketing manager of Midphase said, “There is no better time of year to get online or make the switch to a more affordable and reliable hosting provider. More and more people realize the benefit and necessity to have an affordable and reliable Web presence. Starting or growing your online business has never been easier and more economical than it is through this promotion.”

Midphase is the specialist in providing affordable web hosting services, an award winning and highly claimed hosting company. Midphase attracts new customers with their attractive plans and top-notch customer service.

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GlowHost Announces Free Web Hosting for Startup Non-Profit Organizations

GlowHost , an experienced provider of shared web hosting, dedicated server hosting, and cloud hosting services, announced today that the company now offers free web hosting services to 501(c)(3) non-profit startups to support these organizations’ growth. Running on GlowHost’s highly reliable infrastructure, charitable organizations can now expand their base of supporters online and while significantly cut down their expenses for creating online awareness.

“There are so many people out there doing selfless things and contributing to the greater good,” says Matt Lundstrom, President at GlowHost. “And none of these organizations have it easy. Particularly in the early stages, it is tough to run a non-profit organization and attract widespread support without spending thousands of dollars. GlowHost is committed to supporting not only our customers, but also the wider communities that we are all a part of. Our way of doing this is by providing organizations with free web hosting services, in addition to the features they need to get their web presence up and running.”

“Non-profits that use our free hosting services get the same great features as our paying customers,” says Lundstrom. “Many of these features are designed to lower the point of entry to web development, enabling even the most inexperienced users to launch their web presence without investing time that could be spent elsewhere within the charity. We currently provide Soholaunch, a web site builder that delivers professional sites fast, in addition to automated script installers so that non-profits can launch a blog or message board quickly and easily. GlowHost also extends full customer service and technical support to free web hosting users if there is any additional assistance is required.”
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Free Web Hosting Services- Some Free things are Just Not Worth it

We all swear by the phrase “All good things come free”. But in the present is it really true? For example, take the web hosting universe- are the web hosts who advertise their “Free Services” are really worth the hype or is it just another scheme to con you into spending much more than you intended in the beginning? The industry itself has witnessed several accounts where the companies have gone bankrupt while leaving their customers high and dry after failing to offer them free hosting services for life.

In spite of the nightmare stories surrounding the “free service” option, there are people who are still considering it. For the same reason, let us look at this deal under the microscope which will offer some insight on this free hosting scheme.

Free Services Come With a Price Tag:

Often to capture attention of potential customers, companies put up a “free web hosting ad” all over their site, and while it is tempting, closer inspection will reveal that, you have to shell out one-time only fees to avail the services. Adding to the fine print is the fact that you also have to have a domain registered with that particular web host by paying an additional capital. Don’t have a domain, we’ll see that hole in your pocket widen as you may end up paying a significant premium for a new domain.

Adding insult to the injury is the revelation that you will come across after you have just finished paying for your free services. This just happens to the detail that says that your free hosting service has restricted bandwidth and disk space. So basically by the end of it, you just find out that you have burned through your company’s saving just to afford the free services. The best part about this whole scam is that your web host will later offer to up sell you to go for the paid plan in the future.

The Crack in the Pot:

It is needless to say that the entire scheme of free web hosting is flawed.  Let me give you as walk through, these hosts get paid only once i.e. when the customer signs up, but they have to keep paying to keep up their customer’s service indefinitely. These hosts are highly vulnerable to credit card fraud too as thieves use these sites to check if the cards are good to go. Also since their operating costs are low, it affects the quality of the services they provide. Considering free services mean that you will have to compromise on critical areas of services like security, uptime, data backup, customer service and support.

The Third Wheel:

Your uptime depends on how reliable your provider’s server is. if your web host is reselling hosting on a third party’s server, then it is something to be worried about. In case of faults, your hosting provider will have no idea about how or when the problem will be fixed. The person who suffers during this whole ordeal is yes, you. Worst case scenario with the involvement of a third party will be if your service provider and the third party start a dispute. In such cases, be ready for your website to go into limbo till they hug and make up.

Even when the web hosts have their own servers, chances are they don’t really spend a lot (cause its free remember?) on security. This feature (or the lack of it) makes it a perfect hunting ground for scammers and fraudsters. Investing in a quality security service should help. Also these hosts don’t have back up services either (why are even considering free service?), so make sure to back up all your data on a regular basis.

Test Your Patience With Customer Service:

Free web hosting services offer customer support through email. These companies are severely understaffed which comes as no surprise. So in case of a serious problem , you just should kick back and relax (or not) as it  is unlikely that you will be able to hear  a voice on the other end of the line if you are calling the support staff.

Bottom line is, free hosting service is for people who like to gamble and also are experienced to deal with ‘perks’ which come with deal. It is also for someone looking or services with minimum support. This is strictly prohibited for people who have just learnt how the internet works.

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The Fact Why Inexpensive Web Hosts Are Better Than Free Web Hosts

There are beliefs that some people hold concerning web hosting that can be detrimental to the overall performance of a company or an organization. These beliefs can affect those who intend to start a business on the internet or to those that have recently begun internet operations. One of the major disadvantages is that all the aspects of control will not be under the business owner but rather, the free web hosting supplier. In addition to the numerous disadvantages, there is also the aspect of not being in control of all the advertisements which will appear on your website. The posting on your own website will be limited and this will hinder the progress of your business in the long run.

Another obvious disadvantage that can affect you is the fact that the web hosting company can decide to suspend your operations at any particular time. When such an event occurs, there is a risk of losing your hard -earned reputation and all the efforts that have been invested into making sure that the website is operational. This can also lead to the collapse of your business due to the loss of loyal customers and any other potential customers that were interested in doing business with you. Apart from losing the customer base that is very hard to establish, potential and existing customers may also cancel out existing deals. Such  a move can lead to the fall of an already established business foundation.

Many of those who opt to run their businesses under the free web hosting offers are often under the assumption that there is no difference between a free web hosting company and an inexpensive one. This kind of assumption is based on a secondary assumption that since an average web hosting fee varies between five and ten dollars per month, there is not much of a difference with the free hosts. What most do not understand is that the very low cost of overall web hosting offers are so because of the fact that there has been a trend established under this market which is based on very stiff competition.

The other aspect is that when people start browsing for less expensive web hosting companies, they come across false offers that have been advertised by the free web hosting companies. This encounter fools the client into accepting the free offers, not knowing that they are getting into a potential and highly probable business demise. Finding a good, reliable and inexpensive web hosting company can be a daunting task which will probably take weeks or even months to complete.

A commendable approach that can assist in solving this problem is to make use of web hosting reviews that have in-depth information about various inexpensive webhosting companies. This approach will dramatically cut down the time that is consumed to find a suitable web host.

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