Superb Internet Corp Receives Best Dedicated Server Company Award at Annual Web Hosting Awards 2011

As per industry reports, Superb Internet Corp, a leading provider of managed and dedicated servers, virtual private servers, web hosting and domains, has become the second Best Dedicated Server Company. It has been awarded with the recognition by Host Review.  It was honored at the Annual Web Hosting Awards 2011.

After this recognition, Superb is pushing itself to enhance its excellence by producing innovative products well as superior service and product quality. The company is also striving to outperform its competitors in the market while exceeding its own performance and benchmarks.

Richard Norwood, the company’s Marketing Manager, describes Superb’s journey thus far saying, “We are proud to be named the #2 Dedicated Server Company by Host Review, adding to our long list of awards. When we started selling web hosting back in 1996, it was our goal to give our customers scalable hosting at the best possible rates. I think it is safe to say we have delivered.”

Superb boasts of providing a dedicated account manager for each client. This practice has enables them to offer their clients with customer services and also allow them high-end dedicated server load balancing on a daily basis. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

Dedicated Servers or Virtual Private Servers (VPS) – Make the Right Choice

The term ‘dedicated server’ does not have anything to do with someone you hired to take care of your whim and requests. It is just a type of web hosting provider for a website.

Usually when a person starts a website say for his business, they most definitely will need a host. A shared server does the trick. This is because, they are cheaper comparatively and a godsend when you are just starting out and can’t afford to spend a lot on a dedicated server. However, once your business takes off, you would want to expand the space for forums, something that a shared server can’t provide, it is then, you should consider getting a dedicated server.

These servers as the name suggests hosts only your website, so all that space is just for you. You can choose to fill it up in any way you want.  It also ensures that other websites on the same server won’t be affecting the performance of your own website. It provides highly secure, powerful websites without the cost of having an in-house solution. The best part it is customisable. Also by utilizing dedicated server hosting rather than owning a server you will not need to operate and maintain a data center.

A virtual private server (VPS) on the other hand, is basically when you share the physical server hardware with other websites, but you are allocated a dedicated slice of the system resources. VPS is a good bridge between low cost shared hosting and getting a dedicated server. It has made web hosting affordable and within everyone’s reach.

  • VPS is cost effective as it allows you to hire only the space you need. Look at it this way, say you want to rent a room, with dedicated servers; you need to rent the entire building just to rent the room whereas in VPS you just rent the room you need.
  • VPS gives you complete control of your space which includes installing OS, specific applications, software and hardware, much like dedicated servers, but at much lower cost.

One major glitch in the otherwise perfect system is that if your server is generating considerable amount of spam, then the search engines must penalize the entire server. This would affect your speed too.

Now that you have understood the significance of both VPS and a dedicated server, let us look at the major differences between them. This will help you make a better choice for your website.

Dedicated servers come with a huge storage space which would involve a huge financial commitment and if you are not going to need all that space, it’s not a viable option to consider. In case of VPS, you will get only what you asked for. The upside of this arrangement is that you will save quite a bit.VPS and dedicated servers provide complete control of your space but VPS does it cheap.

Dedicated servers are a way to go when you need specific hardware and software to run your site. This is because, these servers allow resources to be accessed and utilized for any given site on the server. These also prove to be quite useful if you need to run multiple sites simultaneously, a feature that VPS doesn’t possess. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world