cPanels’s Hostbed Buys out

Hostbed a subsidiary of cPanel has announced the purchase of The acquisition is to provide cPanel with an independent platform to test its various products. will continue to operate under its current name.

“With the acquisition cPanel will be able to gain a deeper understanding of how website owners use cPanel’s software. This will be accomplished by having direct access to live server data, help desk tickets, and hosting company feedback. We are looking for real world testing of installation, configuration compatibility, and reliability. By running we hope to achieve a deeper connection to the hosting industry as a whole. We are certainly not operating in order to compete with our customers. Ultimately, cPanel customers will get a stronger, more reliable product, “said Aaron Phillips, cPanel’s vice president of operations.

cPanel has done extensive research searching for an ideal company. A few criteria that were considered before acquisition were more than three years of on-going service, cPanel and WHM infrastructure, approximately one thousand customers and no VPS and Dedicated plans.

cPanel has been a benchmark innovator of control panel software for the hosting industry. Established in the year 1987 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, cPanel builds the software backend that allows web hosts to convert servers into fully automated point-and-click web hosting platforms. cPanel licensed software allows optimization of technical resources and provide a replacement to tedious shell-oriented tasks with dynamic, intuitive web-based interfaces.

cPanel useful scripts

Important Scripts Function of cPanel at /scripts:

To create new email account use

# ./addpop
And follow the steps

# ./checkbadconf
Checks /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf for bad users.

# ./fixcommonproblems
– Attempt to fix the most common problems.

# ./fixeverything
– Fix common problems and quotas.

# ./fixmysql
– Fixes problems with mySQL.

Nameserver, DNS related scripts to troubleshoot:

# ./fixnamed – Updates bind to handle many DNS zones (more than 512).
# ./fixrndc

securetmp – Adds securetmp to system startup.


listsubdomains – List subdomains.
park – Parks a domain.


checkfpkey – Checks for the FrontPage suid key
setupfp5 – Install FrontPage 5 (2002) installer on an account.
updatefrontpage – Updates FrontPage
fixfrontpageperm – Fix the frontpage permission issues


checkgd – Checks to see if GD is built.
cleangd – Cleans up old GD installs and reinstalls GD
installgd – Builds GD.


installzendopt – Install zend optimzer.




fixperl – Symlink /usr/local/bin/perl /usr/bin/perl.
fixperlscript – Makes sure a perlscript includes all corresponding modules.
fixsuexeccgiscripts – Fix CGI scripts that are broken after suexec


fixpop – Fix a POP account and reset password.
fixspamassassinfailedupdate – Reinstalls a failed spamassassin update.
listcheck – Checks mailing lists for issues.
mailperm – Fix almost any mail permission problem.
mailscannerupdate – Updates MailScanner
mailtroubleshoot – Guided mail fix.
patcheximconf – Fixes exim.conf
reseteximtodefaults – Resets exim’s default settings.
resetimappasswds – Resets all imap passwords.


fixquotas – Fix quotas.

ftpquaotacheck – Runs quota checking for all ftp users.


fixwebalizer – Repair a Webalizer that has stopped updating.


runstatsonce – Runs statistics (should be used from the crontab).
runweblogs – Run analog/webalizer/etc. for a user.


gencrt – Generate a .crt and .csr file.


installpostgres – Installs PostrgeSQL.
mysqladduserdb – Create a MySQL databse and user.
mysqlconnectioncheck – Attempts to connect to MySQL, restarts SQL if necessary.
mysqldeluserdb – Delete a MySQL databse and user.
mysqlpasswd – Change MySQL password.
mysqlrpmpingtest – Checks your connection speed for downloading

Service restart:

restartsrv – Restart a service.
restartsrv_apache – Restart apache.
restartsrv_bind – Restart bind.
restartsrv_clamd – Restart clamd.
restartsrv_courier – Restart courier imap.
restartsrv_cppop – Restart cppop.
restartsrv_entropychat – Restart entropy chat.
restartsrv_exim – Restart exim.
restartsrv_eximstats – Restart exim statistics.
restartsrv_ftpserver – Restart your ftp server.
restartsrv_ftpserver~ – (INTERNAL)
restartsrv_httpd – Restart httpd.
restartsrv_imap – Restart impad.
restartsrv_inetd – Restart inetd.
restartsrv_interchange – Restart Interchange Shopping Cart.
restartsrv_melange – Restart melange chat.
restartsrv_mysql – Restart mysqld.
restartsrv_named – Restart named.
restartsrv_postgres – Restart postgresql.
restartsrv_postgresql – Restart postgresql.
restartsrv_proftpd – Restart proftpd.
restartsrv_pureftpd – Restart pure-ftpd.
restartsrv_spamd – Restart spamd.
restartsrv_sshd – Restart sshd.
restartsrv_syslogd – Restart syslogd.
restartsrv_tomcat – Restart tomcat.
restartsrv_xinetd – Restart xinetd.

To upgrade the cPanel(WHM) kindly use the script:

# ./upcp –force

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