Host Virtual to Expand Its Cloud in India

Host Virtual one of the web hosting companies has announced that it has expanded its cloud services in India. Host Virtual is significantly adding features to its existing plans based on customers demand. Host Virtual has deployed 1 Gbps per Virtual Machine to host virtual cloud, private hypervisor servers and dedicated servers in India. Host Virtual has combined 24/7 support in local language and has positioned itself in a strong position for customers looking to expand their presence or enter Indian market.

 Senior Vice president of Host Virtual, Inc. Bhargavi, said, “We’ve seen a great demand for cloud services in India. Our easy to use, self-service public cloud gives businesses a way to be up and running within a few minutes.”

With this inclusion Host Virtual allows its customers to deploy FreeBSD, 300 Linux Hosting appliances and VOIP within minutes with dual stack IPv4 and IPv6 support. A recent study from VMware finds 62% of Indian organizations are increasing their cloud budgets and 56% of organizations are seeking staff with cloud experiences.

About Host Virtual:

Host Virtual, Inc. is one of the best cloud hosting providers. Host Virtual, Inc. operates both IPV-4 and IPV-6 IaaS clouds. Services from Host Virtual, Inc. are self serviced and easy to use. Host Virtual, Inc. pricing starts from $ 10 per month. Host Virtual, Inc. operates in Chennai India, Dallas, TX, London United Kingdom, Paris, France, San Joes, CA, Hong Kong, HK, Chicago, IL and, Amsterdam, NL. Some of the popular distros supported by Host Virtual are debian, CentOS, Scientific Linux, VirtualMin, Kloxo, Slackware and many more. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.


Media Temple, a cloud hosting provider announced the launch of its new private cloud services on Tuesday. Media Temple, along with Morphlabs and Dell Helix has launched this service built on OpenStack.

OpenStack has improved on its open cloud computing platform for both public and private clouds since its inception two years ago. This can be contributed to the various individuals and cloud service providers participating in the cloud project.

OpenStack contributor and RackSpace builder’s team member Andrew Clay Shaffer said that there has been immense contribution from individuals and companies towards the development of the open cloud computing platform.

“Helix makes it easy for any business to have their own private ‘share nothing’ cloud while keeping costs low,” said Media Temple CTO Albert Lopez. “Helix delivers control, security, simplicity, and support for one flat monthly price. It gives everyone, from established brands to emerging start-ups, a way to instantly tap into the power and flexibility of cloud computing.”

The new Helix service by Media Temple is based on the private cloud building blocks designed by Morphlabs and delivered through the Dell Emerging Solutions Platform. The service is designed to harness the power and energy efficiency of Dell’s PowerEdge C6220 server system with solid state disks, as well as Dell’s Crowbar software framework.

Customers using the Helix cloud services will be given full access to the company’s support center for full technical support.

Currently in a private beta, Helix will be launched in full release before the end of 2012. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.


On Wednesday, web hosting provider Hostway announced the launch of its new Vancouver Cloud Hosting environment. This new development is to provide coast to coast access to the public cloud environment across North America.

The Pacific NorthWest location provides a cloud option for companies looking to adopt the cloud for economic benefits. It is undoubtedly the best location for cloud companies to save money, enhance performance, scale rapidly, and to provide agile recovery solutions.

Using the Vancouver based cloud customers can store their data according to the guidelines of the Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, instead of the United States’ Patriot Act.

These organizations have the advantage of moving their data to the cloud without having to terminate any of the compliance regulations.

A recent report by the IDC said that the market rates for cloud hosting in Canada has increased to a surprising half billion dollars in 2011. With the SaaS segment scaling rapidly, the market is bound to increase by 30% in the next four years.

“We’ve seen tremendous demand for a variety of reasons,” said Mark Adolph, executive vice president and chief financial officer for Hostway. “Not only is geographic diversity for disaster recovery important, but this new option also provides access for Asia-Pacific companies looking to host in North America. We also expect Canadian companies that prefer to or are required by law to host in Canada will fuel fast expansion of our Canadian cloud among our existing customers for a non-US, West Coast data center.” updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.


HostGee Innovates Cloud Hosting with Servers in Saudi Arabia

HostGee, the world”s largest provider of Web hosting, domain, is changing the cloud landscape with its newest offering HostGee Cloud Servers in Saudi Arabia. Designed to give users the power they need rapidly, Cloud Servers in Saudi Arabia combines convenient control panels, a strong infrastructure and frequently used features, like firewalls and load balancers all at a fraction of the cost of other services.

As the Internet expands and websites become more resource intensive, many businesses are moving from traditional hosting to more advanced, scalable servers with flexible network options.

“It has always been HostGee”s primary mission to help businesses grow through our cost-effective, reliable, feature-rich products,” said HostGee CEO Mohammad Al Zahrani. “Cloud Servers is a HostGee innovation that takes the complexity out of a complicated technology, yet gives users a substantial range of sophistication.”

HostGee Vice President of Hosting Development Maher AlOtaibi oversaw the development of the technology. “Cloud Servers takes ”Infrastructure as a Service” to a whole new level,” Al Otaibi said. “Cloud Servers helps businesses that need both cost-effective flexibility and scalability.”

HostGee’s Cloud Servers in Saudi Arabia gives users the ability to configure server networks, create server snapshots and manage server resources, all in a friendly interface.

“HostGee Cloud Servers offers advanced networking features bundled into an affordable, easy-to-use solution,” said Al Otaibi. “This approach is different from competitors” cloud models and offers customers a high degree of functionality and support at a reasonable price point.”

Cloud Servers in Saudi Arabia are backed by a specialized 24/7 Cloud Servers support team, supported by HostGee’s 24/7 Network Operations Center and Award-Winning Security Operations. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

33 percent of user’s data will be stored in cloud by 2016 – Gartner

The desire to share content and access it on multiple devices will motivate consumers to start storing a third of their digital content using cloud computing by 2016, Gartner said.

Cloud computing enables companies to use software, applications and various services on pay-per-use basis, without the need to set up and own IT infrastructure. With increased adoption of smartphones and tablet PCs, users are able to capture large amount of photos and videos, which will require huge digital storage space.

“Gartner predicts that worldwide consumer digital storage needs will grow from 329 exabytes in 2011 to 4.1 zettabytes in 2016,” the study said.

“Historically, consumers have stored content on their PCs, but as we enter the post-PC era, consumers are using multiple devices leading to a massive increase in new user-generated content that requires storage,” Gartner principal research analyst Shalini Verma said.

With the emergence of personal cloud, this fast-growing consumer digital content will quickly get aggregated from connected devices, she added. Personal cloud is an online service provided by companies to individuals to store data free of cost. Examples include Apple iCloud, Microsoft SkyDrive and Dropbox.

“Average storage per household will grow from 464 gigabytes in 2011 to 3.3 terabytes in 2016,” Gartner said. In 2012, Gartner believes that the adoption of camera-equipped tablet PCs and smartphones will drive consumer storage needs. The study said consumers are expected to first try the basic package that is offered for free by companies. “On-premises storage will remain the main repository of consumer digital content” it added. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

Cloud Hosting Gains Popularity in e-commerce Businesses

Cloud computing has revolutionised the way we carry our data online. Services  such as cloud hosting, a subset of cloud computing, where an unlimited number of machines act as a single corridor for web hosting integrating extra resources of space or RAM has improved website performance by leaps & bounds.

With the netizen population growing ever so fast, services such as Gmail have already employed cloud hosting to meet the growing demands of their users. Often described as unlimited computing power on demand when needed, cloud hosting saves cost during off peak hours and handles web traffic more efficiently if there is a surge in traffic since multiple machines serve as hosts from different locations across the globe.

Social media sites such as Facebook where users share photos, videos and music extensively rely on cloud hosting to handle data during peak web traffic.

Business application sites and e-commerce sites like EBay have employed cloud hosting to handle multiple customers who carry out transactions simultaneously.

Cloud computing has immense scope for providing hosting solutions across multiple platforms; they can be integrated onto hand held devices, where users can host their website from the couch.

With multiple location cloud hosting, web hosting  is no longer confined to multiple machines. Servers can now host across borders stitched together under a single cloud. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world.

SoftLayer Shuts Down Their “CloudLayer Storage” Service

SoftLayer, a webhost recently announced that it will withdraw its CloudLayer storage next month and will be focusing on developing its other cloud solutions.

In an email to customers, SoftLayer said the move was part of its “commitment to provide the best cloud infrastructure.”

“This will allow us to focus resources on developing and supporting an even better class of cloud services, such as our recently launched Object Storage solution,” SoftLayer said in the email.

CloudLayer Storage accounts will no longer be active and accessible for the customers as of Monday, July 16, 2012.

CloudLayer Storage offered cloud based services which included storing, managing and sharing of data. Customers could access the services through SoftLayer API, desktop applications, mobile applications and browsers, and priced on a monthly, pay-as-you-go basis.

In the email, SoftLayer support their customers and recommending them to migrate cloud storage to its object storage offering “and enjoy its many advantages, including free bandwidth and data transfer over [its] private network.”

SoftLayer object Storage allowed the users to categorize and index objects and includes features like search functionality for object retrieval. Its consumption-based pricing starts at 12 cents per gigabyte plus outbound network utilization.

Using the SoftLayer CDN, object storage users can replicate or transfer data at anytime to anywhere, according to its website. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world

EMC Acquires Watch4net to Broaden their Prospects in the Industry

EMC, a company specializing in hardware has recently acquired Montreal based Watch4net.They are a provider of superior performance management software. It specializes in providing real-time, historical and projected visibility into the performance of the network, data centers and cloud infrastructures.

“One of the reasons Watch4net is a good fit for EMC is that we’re focused across domains: across network, compute and storage,” Ken MacDonald, senior director of marketing for EMC’s Information Management Group, told eWEEK. “EMC already has the ability to monitor performance to Watch4net, and then provide the correlation and root-cause analysis and service assurance capabilities that the ITOI suite provides.

“Both products have the ability to reach across the three domains and also across the physical and virtual environments [within the data center].”

Watch4net provides many VMware environments include something called a vSwitch, a virtual switch, “which in some ways becomes a bit of a blind spot for the VM [virtual machine] administrator,” MacDonald said.

“It’s tough for them to really understand if the connections are being maintained within the virtual switch. One of the important features of the ITOI (which includes Watch4net) is the ability to monitor the virtual switch and include that as part of our correlation and root-cause analysis capabilities,” MacDonald said.

Watch4net CEO Michel Foix and most of his 70-person team will be retained and will report to Jay Mastaj, senior vice president and general manager of EMC’s Infrastructure Management Group. updates its site everyday. Visit us for more news from the web hosting world

Basic Aspects under Cloud Web Hosting Security

Cloud web hosting is the most appreciated new approach over all other kinds of web hosting that have existed in the past and still do presently. The anticipation of its release and its overall approval was based on the advantages of choice. Any given company, organization or association that is able to use the cloud web hosting does so mainly for the savings. The practice of achieving savings, especially in large quantities is a fundamental goal of any entrepreneurship, including government run organizations and associations.

When it comes to the mode of operation, there is the clear and well valued aspect of choosing only the desired utilities to be used. This is especially advantageous since the savings are increased and performance is also enhanced because only the resources and services required at a particular time are used. The subscription of the salable utility is charged based on the use of resources such as time, band width, memory and amount of hard drive space available and utilized by the client.

For the purposes of site popularity increase and overall spiking of traffic, the customizable option with on-demand service is reliant on this base model. The base model operates on the facet of charging the platform sum of hosting usage and adding any extra services of subsequent utilities usage, so that unnecessary billing for unused services is avoided. The advantage falls to the website owners in the manner that they can have control according to the expectations and requirements that they have at a particular time.

For this kind of technology that is completely new to the whole market, including all of its current users, there are aspects of security to take into consideration. In order that the overall running of the company, based on the cloud web hosting, remains safe and secure there has to be a set of regulations and rules to ensure that security levels stay high. One of the controversial aspects of cloud web hosting that could interfere with the company security is the allocation of more privileges to a particular user within the whole system.

The kind of privilege of this particular scenario is based on the overall accessibility of all the resources under the cloud web hosting by a select number of people. People that will have access to all the options and functions of the whole system will, in most cases, be comprised of the employees of the web hosting companies. This is the most noticeable aspect of possible threats that can hinder the progress of the company.

In order to ensure that the security is on a par with the company’s requirements and expectations, there should be a set of well understood rules that will streamline security applications and protocols throughout the company’s usage of the cloud web hosting facility. One of the main approaches is to have an audit that will ensure complete compliance with PA-DSS. This ensures that all credit card transactions can be legally processed.

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