A Canadian based web hosting company has launched a website solely dedicated to cloud services. This move has been initiated in order to provide high quality operations to users looking for only cloud services. The website would be called Canadian Cloud Hosting with URL as CaCloud.com. This was announced by the company spokesperson through an official press release statement.
The company also mentioned that this web portal would heed the company in providing highly professional and comprehensive cloud based services. It also plans to set up a new department that would look after the smooth functioning of the portal. It would also provide a 24-hour online support for their customers. These services are based on the VMware platform and have been categorized into ‘Elastic Cloud’ and ‘Flexible Cloud’ servers.
Mr. Kevin Liang, the CTO of Canadian Cloud Hosting was quoted to have said in press release statement, “In looking at viable cloud hosting options for our customers, we quickly realized that we didn’t want to limit our customers to one platform over another, but instead give them scalable, dynamic solutions that can meet the business requirements of the small local business all the way up to large-scale enterprise needs. We picked the best cloud technologies on the market and built our cloud on top of enterprise grade Dell hardware that provides unmatched reliability and performance for our customers.”
The new web portal providing cloud services comprises of hundreds of virtual machine images, support to multiple technologies for management and performance like CPanel, Xen, Plesk, VMware and hyper-V etc. The services are being offered at very affordable rates. The basic elastic cloud server service is charged at the rate of $10 per month.