Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a practice where a business gets more clients not through its own efforts but the efforts of an affiliate. When it comes to Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing works very differently; there is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (PPC) and vibrant display advertising. Affiliate Marketing may be confused with referral marketing which has an entirely different approach, in referral marketing inter-personal trust builds the business but Affiliate Marketing is purely commercial.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is not taken as a popular choice in most online businesses, which is a mistake. Search engines like Google capture a lot of information about the publisher via the company website but a lot of it through affiliate marketing sites too. Say, you already have a website with some amount of advertising; affiliate advertising schemes can add to the present advertising efforts, increasing the effectiveness of an ad campaign.

How do affiliates do it?

Firstly few categories which have huge number of hits on a daily basis and will try to be popular despite any minor changes in the present market scenario; these can be:

• Financing Schemes
• Micro Retail
• Gambling/Gaming
• Publishing
• Knowledge Base
• Travel Bookings
• Free Calling

These are popular forms of generating more and more leads when advertisements are placed here. This type of advertising is further optimised by providing contextual advertisements as part of the content of the affiliate website itself.


Affiliate marketing may have a defined price depending on the website and number of hits, but on a more interactive level, adverts of each site are place on each other’s site. This generates some amount of backlinks, and hence lead generation. Conceptually the idea of affiliate marketing is considered a taboo but it is an essential part of an effective online advertising campaign.

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