Online Backup Providers

ByteHouse • Ultra secure data centre
• Backs up all types of files
• Used on PC’s, Laptops and Servers
• High levels of compression
• Encryption levels ensure security of data
• Incremental or differential backups
• In-file delta technology
• Less user management required
• Automate backups
• MS Exchange, MSSQL, Lotus Notes, Oracle 8, Locked
• Restore data easily 24 hours a day
• Accessed from anywhere in the world.
Evault • Disk-to-disk backup technology
• Online services since 1997
• Leading supplier of complete data protection
• Service solutions for ~8,500 enterprise customers
• Data backup and recovery, archiving, email
• eDiscovery, business continuity planning
• Disaster recovery testing
Storage Pipe
Storage Pipe • Businesses of all sizes
• Decrease operation costs
• Optimize IT resources
• Reduce risks and liabilities
• Protect data efficiently and reliably
• Extensive industry experience
• Best technology solutions
• Secure and turn-key online backup and recovery
• Data and email archiving and business continuity.