SCInterface is in the final stages of wrapping up support for Windows SCs to support Windows based applications and devices. We anticipate having the beta available within the next month or so. Once your application is accepted and as a thank you for participating in the SCInterface Windows beta program, all beta testers will be given a free XL package during the beta testing period.

If you are interested in becoming a beta Windows beta tester for game servers, please apply through:

For those truely interested in beta testing Windows support for SCInterface, we do have a set of application guidelines. Here they are:

1) The contact form must be filled in completely.
2) Make sure to choose the 'Beta Tester' option as the 'Contact Person:'.
3) A valid email address is required.
4) Make sure the subject says 'Windows Beta Tester Application'.
5) Within the comment field, please include the following information:

a) A brief background on your experience working with SCInterface, similar control panels or beta testing software in general.
b) What windows applications/devices will you plan on testing.
c) Your familiarity with Windows scripting (VB, etc.)

Those applications that are accepted will be contacted directly. Due to the large number of requests for Windows support that we have currently for beta testing, if you do not hear anything back from us we have not accepted your application.

Please post any questions about the beta program to this forum post:
Chris M.
Netarus, LLC
Creators of SCInterface
This something I got in a message and was asked to post. I do not say I support the software nor am I affiliated with the software company. (that was my little disclamier)