Tired of paying $250/mo for a DDoS protected basic P4? Tired of buying servers from providers with "DDoS protection" only to find your machine down an hour later from a pathetic flood, or lagging because they are "manually filtering" the attack? What a joke!

Awknet is now offering IRC Allowed DDoS protected dedicated servers ... with real protection that you can afford!

Hardware available:
* P4 2.4GHz or 2.53GHz CPUs (real P4s, celerons aren't for servers silly)
* 40GB HD
* 100Mbps unmetered connection
* free web-based remote reboot
* Includes 64 IRC IPs
* IRC & Adult content permitted


Hardware Upgrades:
- 80GB HD - $10/mo
- 160GB HD - $20/mo
- 1GB RAM - $10/mo

IP Upgrades:
64 +
- 16 - $10/mo
- 32 - $15/mo
- 64 - $25/mo

Test IP:
Our main webserver (www.awknet.com) at can be used for ping/traceroute/tests.

Speed test:
Contact sales@awknet.com for a download speed test file.

Payment options:
We currently accept Credit Cards and Paypal, for other payment options speak with sales@awknet.com

Where to order:

limited time only, if you're paying via paypal, use this special order URL to receive 50% off your first month!!!

The Awknet datacenter is located inside the Aon tower - the second tallest building in Los Angeles. The datacenter space is a state of the art N2 redundant facility, meaning there are two backups for each primary device - be it routers, air conditioning systems or backup generators. There are over 200 fiber strands available, allowing for almost infinite bandwidth expansion.

Awknet offers specialized Denial of Service Protection for customers offering high risk or IRC related services. It doesn't matter how great your website is if customers can't see it. Awknets DDoS protection services ensure you never have to worry about network availability due to DDoS attacks.

Awknet utilizes all gigabit networking equipment and 100Mbps customer handoffs. This ensures customers will not experience any internal network bottlenecks common with other providers.

Q: How good is your DDoS filtering/How does your DDoS filtering work?
A: We utilize customized software that allows packet inspection and network flow monitoring to detect DDoS attacks. The typical flood is blocked instantly or mitigated to the point where it does not affect performance.

Q: Do you nullroute IPs?
A: No, we filter out attacks.

Q: What internet connectivity do you have?
A: We currently have 1Gbit to Cogent, 1Gbit to peering at One Wilshire, and 1Gbit to peering at Equinix. Providers at One Wilshire and Equinix include xeex, mzima, pccw/btn, savvis, and open public peering partners such as yahoo.

Q: Who is multacom, I see them in some traceroutes?
A: Multacom is a partner company that provides us with peering and datacenter floor space. They do not offer IRC or DDoS protection to customers, but instead refer them to Awknet.

Q: How much transfer could I expect?
A: You could expect an average bi-directional transfer of 2400-6000GB.

Q: Is my port speed limited?
A: No, all servers have fully burstable 100Mbps ports.

Q: Do you offer reseller or volume discounts?
A: Email sales for reseller or volume discount information.

Q: What operating systems can I choose from?
A: We install any open Linux or BSD distro you desire.