, shared and reseller web host since 1999 has announced the hosting of Microsoft Exchange™ services running on Windows™ 2003 servers. The introduction of the new services also includes Microsoft Sharepoint™ hosting services, with prices starting at a monthly $9.75.

Small and medium businesses used to find themselves phased out of e-mail hosting services by heavy costs involved in the in-house hosting and maintenance of mail servers, offerings normally only available to larger corporations. This is set to change. Now clients can rent only what resources they will use, making out-hosted e-mail services a very realistic investment.

Microsoft Exchange™ allows you and your staff to access their e-mail at any place and any time. All e-mail delivered to your company mail boxes is stored on the server, and Microsoft Outlook™ is then used to view and manage mail accounts as well as maintain offline copies of e-mails upon synchronisation with the server.

The service allows sharing of mail boxes, public calendars, schedulers and public address books. Centralise all of your organisational tools into one place – managed and licensed by, hosted in secure data centres where your data is frequently backed up.

Microsoft Exchange™ hosting from will save an average business thousands of dollars in hosting, maintenance and licensing costs.

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