Ok so I lied, I don't want to know your best bookmarks. But I thought it would be fun to share the last 5-10 websites you visited, along with why you visited them or a short description of what you can find there.

I just find it really interesting to see what other people are up to, or do when they have a few extra minutes.

Here are the last 10 websites I visited and why.

1. - My favorite arcade website
2. - Text message a cell phone, even has a "bulk" feature to annoy people
3. - web design/graphic design, logos, etc.
4. - construction-related companies sorted by state
5. - investment blog
6. - paid to post, some entertaining posts
7. - pretty cool blog, sometimes offers free things like moola invites, etc.
8. - use it to find a lawyer organized in detail by specilization then state
9. - technology blog, one of the more interesting ones
10. - another technology blog, has a lot of potential