My Goal

I'll go to University this fall.I'll studing "Tourism" and from University told me that I'll need a laptop to do my projects and homeworks . They recommded me to buy one if I haven't .Everything is great except the fact I haven't enough money to buy it.I have alredy start working to pay the Univerisity taxes but the money I'm getting are not enough to buy a laptop before the start of the school year.That's why I decide to start this site where you can donate me money to buy laptop and put the beggining of my University degree.

What you get in exchange?

For your generous donations, you'll take a text link on my site of your choice and the great opportunity to advertise your site to the millions internet users all over the world. The standart donation is 1,35$ which comes out to be $1,00 after PayPal fees and your link will be placed in "Sponsors" Section.If you decide to make custom donation over 1$ link 5$ or more your link will be pleaced in "Premium Sponsors" Section and will be Bolded.

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