I would like people's opinions on a price they would be willing to pay for a unique hosting quote website. The website is quickhostquote.com
When a "host seeker" goes on qhq they will have the opportunity to either:
a) Look through the directory of hosts that have signed up.
b) Use the request a quote feature.

The request a quote feature works very much like regular host quoting websites, however.
When a host signs up they can have the option to turn on/off custom quote requests. This means that if a host seeker requests a custom quote, the host will be sent details manually and they can respond accordingly.

What makes qhq unique is that when a host signs up they get their very own mini website, right in the qhq site.
This mini site will give the host the opportunity to activate modules so they can put their Live Chat script right into the site itself.
This is good as the host seeker doesnt even have to leave qhq in order to evaluate a host.

There are also a lot more features that I cant really mention, but what would you be willing to pay for something like this per month?

Host seekers get this service for free, but hosts have to pay the subscription.