Official Freedom announces more Freedom to Host!
With the success of the past year and the addition of servers on a constant basis, OfficialFreedom, by ChargerTek, is proud to announce Double Disk Space and Half Price rollouts of it's original debutted plans!

Now you can enjoy the freedom of choice and the right to host your site for FREE with 2gb of diskspace and 25gb of bandwidth! It's our way of giving back to the Web Hosting Community!

For Paid Plans, we have doubled the diskspace as well. Now the standard Paid plan which was 2gb, is now 4gb of space with 45gb of data transfer per month! Get all of this for $3.50 per month. Pay for one year and it's only $1.50 per month total! Free Domain Names upon request with yearly payments! Our larger 8gb space plan with 80gb of data transfer per month is literally "Livin' Large" when it's only $5.00 per month!

Not good enough? Pay for one year and this incredibly large, fast, data plan of 8gb/80gb comes down to an amazing $2.75 per month and don't forget the FREE DOMAIN NAME. As if this deal isn't good enough from the get-go, you're already saving an extra $30 or more!

At this rate, our Competitors are becoming our Customers! Join in Freedom, Officially.