• Host up to 5,000 sites
  • Each site has 750MB storage*, 20GB transfer, 5 MySQL databases**, and all the fixings.
  • Fully distributed servers eliminate the risk of all your services and sites going down.
  • Fully automated billing and client management.
  • Resell the entire iBizPanel to sub-resellers, who can duplicate your business completely automated!
  • Fully distributed system. Your hosted sites (and their corresponding mail servers and databases) will be distributed over hundreds of servers, virtually eliminating the possibility of widespread downtime.
  • Tried and tested. There are currently thousands of iBizPanel resellers across the globe successfully hosting websites through their reseller accounts.

*750MB per site: 500MB for files, 250MB for email.
**Add MySQL database capabilities (50MB database storage per site) to any or all of your sites for an additional $50/month.
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