Mininum Server Specs: Server of the Future!

Dual Core Pentium 920 - 2.8Ghz / 3.0Ghz (2 x 2MB cache)
1 x 250GB SATA II
Dual NICs
100 Mbps Uplink
100 Mbps Uplink -Private* (Unmetered Bandwidth)
1,000Mbps (Gigabit Connectivity) for only $10!
Email and Ticket Automated Notification Monitoring
Three Level Management with FREE OS Reloads
5 IP Addresses
Windows or Linux Both are FREE!
Choice of Plesk or cPanel/WHM with Fantastico and RVskin
2000GB of Dedicated Bandwidth
$169/month, $75 Setup Fee
$189/month, $0 Setup Fee

First Month Pro-rated!
Sign up today for as little as $70 Out of Pocket!

Complete NAS/FTP Backup Space 250gb @ .50/Month

*Private NIC enables you to VPN into your server with Unmetered Bandwidth, not affecting your Public Bandwidth.

You'll never save this much money again, between Monitoring, Full Management, Bandwidth and More!

Money in your pocket, while having the Best Possible Servers!

Email to take advantage of the Pro-rated Month of June - $70 upfront.
Server is up and running in 1-4 Hours Delivery Time.

You can visit if you'd rather have a non-prorated billing setup.