RICHMOND, VIRGINIA – June 8th, 2006 – CheapFastHost, an inexpensive Web hosting company, has been granted a Top 10 Fastest Growing Company award by The company, previously known as GlobalWebBrands, now displays the Top 10 award symbol on its Website.

Additionally, CheapFastHost was granted a Gold Star Host award from, which is also displayed on the company’s Website. While known as GlobalWebBrands, the company became Geek Certified.

“We are overjoyed at the industry’s recognition of our commitment to quality services and support,” stated ‘Chief Service Guru’ Daniel J. Briere. “Our goal is to become the number one Web hosting service in the world. These awards will have a positive impact on buyers, clearly showing that CheapFastHost is a serious player.”

In January of this year, GlobalWebBrands spun off its iZoka low-cost hosting brand. In May, the company sold its remaining hosting clients to Though CheapFastHost has endured a tumultuous period in the recent past, the company has renewed its relationships with key partners, and plans to continue offering its services into the future.

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