i wonder how many people in here have found IPower Web to be as incompetent and apathetic to their customers as i have - i've been web developing and designing for 6 years and have NEVER come across an e-business that is so entirely consistent with their inability to handle even the most simple of issues (which there is, ALWAYS).

anyone care to hear one of MANY comically ridiculous episodes with these morons? i'm more than happy to share.

they can't even get a simple Domain Registration and Management email out after i order one or two through them for as many as three or four days (they're offering VERY cheap domains right now, so i still take advantage of that, with gritted teeth everytime). the last three domains i registered i received my domain management email with bad IP addresses to the Mgmt page - the IP only had three groups of #s! ***.***.***/~domain ---

that's the least of their issues. i sent a support ticket in last week for this to be corrected and have YET to receive a response.

want more?

avoid IPower Web at all costs. i get clients who are hosted by them and get them off their servers ASAP. they've commonly already experienced problems anyway, so that's never difficult.

AVOID IPOWER WEB. they're worthless.