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Current Month Traffic Details:
Update as of - 05 Jun 2006 - 00:36 (GMT)
Unique visitors: 1256
Number of visits: 1488 (1.18 visits/visitor)
Page Views: 14017 (9.42 pages/visit)
Hits: 70937 (47.67 hits/visit)
Bandwidth: 539.48 MB (371.25 KB/visit)
The stats does not include bot hits, all pure human hits (as per the stat script)

So, approximate traffic stats for 30 days:
Unique visitors: 1256/4 x 30 = 9420
Number of visits: 1488/4 x 30 = 11160
Page Views: 14017/4 x 30 = 105128
Hits: 70937/4 x 30 = 532028
Bandwidth: 539.48 MB/4 x 30 = 4050mb
(All figures rounded off to next full number)
Most possibly all the stats would be more than assumed as we would be promoting the forum on large scale shortly.

Stats Screenshot:

Traffic Source:
- Members from my previous forums and websites.
- Forum signatures and forums posted ads.
- Search engine searches.
- Some topsites and directories.
- Word of mouth.

Top Traffic Countries (using atleast 1mb data transfer):
United States - ~80%
European Union
Great Britain
United Arab Emirates

Reasons to advertise:
- Good page views
- Great focus at low rates

- $5 only per month for banner placement on the 1st fold on rotation basis.

Extra Points and bonuses:
- Unlimited views and hits.
- Inclusion of your website name on the admin signature (first 3 sponsors only).
- Inclusion of your name on all the newsletters (if any) to the members during the term period.
- Max. Banner size - 735 x 125 pixels
- Pay for 4 months in advance (which maynot be cancelled) and get premium quality templates with resale rights.
as featured in:

My usual sale price for above - $10, means you get advertised for 4 months at the price of 2 months.
- Advertising prices may rise in future so, book your position at this cheap rate now!
- Less than a month young with so good traffic (with not much efforts from myside) so, what would be after one month from today??
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- Now being indexed by search bots oftenly so, good chance to build up your links and raise your PR.
- We would be advertising the forum on a large scale by manual submission to various directories so, more hits as time goes on.
- The forum won't be sold for atleast a year so, be assured about the quality.
- Runs on vBulletin (the best forum script) with great template and forum presentation.
- Only paypal payments accepted.
- If you need more proofs and have any queries reply here or PM Me or Email me at - cyclone2k.at.gmail.com

- No gurantee that people would click the ads.
- Any subject website ads accepted, and in case of adult content only softcore adult sites ads accepted.
- Once made payment, the advertising maynot be cancelled afterwards.
- Look at all the points carefully and if have any doubts ask now itself, than complain later.