We are happy to inform you about free reseller accounts here, at DimeReseller. All customers, who have 2 reseller accounts, will get 3rd reseller account with 5 GB space and 50 GB bandwidth free of charge.

If you have one reseller package with us at the moment (or don't have any), you may signup for reseller package at discounted price - only $10 per month. Feel free to use this link to signup: Discounted Reseller Package

One reseller account is enough for you? Then make the money!

You may re-sell your packages to anyone at the price you want.
Example: You have 3 accounts total and use single account only. You may sell your 2nd account for $10 per month (this is what you pay for discounted package) and sell 3rd account for $10 per month as well. Because DimeReseller charges $15 per month for reseller packages, it will be easy to sell those accounts for $10 (tell us, who wouldn't like to save $?)

There are many other ways to use free reseller account, and we believe you know it

Needless to say, all packages come with our great 24/7 helpdesk and live support (you may see some reviews here and here for example), personal customer care and other great features.

Questions? Comments? Ideas? You know how to contact us

DimeReseller Team