New free Web hosting service contains no ads, and no limits on disk space or bandwidth announced that it has launched its new, free Web hosting service. Made available on March 30th, the service already has nearly 200 users.

With no limits on disk space or bandwidth, is unique from all other free Web hosting providers. In addition, the company places no ads on user Websites.

In a statement published at the service’s release, the company said: “We are not currently placing ads on user sites, and we really hope we won't have to. However, if our bandwidth and storage costs grow, and we cannot compensate for these costs with advertising on our homepage, we will start placing ads on user pages. However, these will be animated GIF banners (468x60) on the top and bottom of the pages only. And likely, these would only be placed on the bottom of each page. But again, this is only if our costs skyrocket at some point in the future. As of right now, we are not planning to place ads on user sites. We absolutely refuse to place pop-up ads, Flash ads, and the like - we do not want to become like Tripod or GeoCities, where there are more ads than anything else. is already working on version 2 of its service, which will include additional advanced features, such as a Website builder, email accounts, MySQL databases, and more.