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I thought it was time to write a quick review of Acunett. I run several servers right now and I was experiencing some problems with one of them. After some hunting around I tried a couple placed and finally ended up with Acunett – they solved my problem pretty quickly. I then decided to ask them to handle the migration from one plesk machine to a new one for me. Mainly because the plesk migration manager wasn’t working properly -after trying multiple different ways, Ronny and I were both close to giving up when we thought about psadump as a final resort. Well it paid off.

These guys are great. First, they virtually refuse to give up on a problem until it is solved. Second, they are damn fast at responding to any requests. Submit a ticket and usually within 30 minutes its answered with a resolution. Yeah, of course, I have had a few tickets that haven’t been resolved in that time frame – but they are much more complex issues.

After my couple questions and problems being resolved through their services, I decided to just sign up for their managed service plan. I had been using another company for my cPanel server – but they didn’t support plesk. I really wanted one company to handle both Plesk and cPanel issues – so I signed up for them for both my main cPanel and Plesk servers.

Couple things I like about them over my previous management company: 1. Quick. 2. Responsive. 3. Thorough. 4. Friendly. 5. Did I mention they are quick?

Overall, if you are looking to have your server managed or for outsourcing of support – I would highly recommend them. My experience with them has been excellent and I look forward to having them manage my other servers once I have them all moved over to Softlayer. Two thumbs up to Acunett.

Ronny, one of the techs there – I swear, he must never sleep. Anytime I have a quick question I ask him and he is always there. Literally, I have asked him questions at 3 in the afternoon and 3 in the morning. It is amazing. I asked him if he ever sleeps, he said only on Christmas =).