Web hosting company GlobalWebBrands, which last week announced the introduction of its new real estate Website hosting plans, has temporarily taken those plans off of its Website to retool them. This move comes in response to suggestions and demands from clients.

“Client feedback on our new real estate Website services was enormous, and we found that in order to more fully meet our clients’ needs, we need to change the way our real estate services are offered, perhaps in a separate company altogether,” stated CEO Daniel J. Briere. “We have taken them off of our Website for a temporary period of time in order to rethink our plan from here forward.”

The company plans to re-introduce the plans in the near future. Currently, clients may still order the specialized real estate Website services, but they will not appear on GlobalWebBrands’ site.

GlobalWebBrands has also unveiled four new hosting plans for its non-real estate clients. The new Home, SOHO, Business, and Corporate hosting plans are priced from $4.95 per month to $12.95 per month, and each includes a free domain name registration as part of a special spring promotion which lasts through May 15th.