Thats right all of our servers start off under $200/mo!
Even the Dual Xeon HT (4Processors!) with 2GB RAM!

Some other great deals are;
$59/mo $99Setup, 3.0GHz Celeron D
$69/mo $199Setup, 3.0GHz P4
$89/mo $99Setup, 3.0GHz P4 HT
$99/mo $199Setup, 2.8GHz Xeon
$139/mo $199Setup, 2.8GHz Xeon HT
$149/mo $99Setup, 3.0GHz Pentium D
$159/mo $199Setup, 2.8GHz Dual Xeon
$199/mo $199Setup, Dual Xeon HT

*All Servers come with 1-2GB RAM, 160GB SATA II HDD, 4MBits of multi-homed bandwidth 10MBit burstable (1200GB Transfer/mo)
**Windows 2003 add $20/mo for License Fee

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