ATLANTA, Ga. In an effort to increase its Internet security, Host The Best, announced today that ControlScan, the Internet's first and only B2B third-party identity theft certification service, has certify it. The agreement illustrates ControlScan and Host The Best's continued commitment to building consumer confidence, protecting privacy and battling online thieves.

As a measure to increase privacy and security and to prevent hackers and thieves from accessing sensitive information from its customers, Host The Best hired ControlScan and subscribed to the Business/Corporate/Enterprise Secure Plan. Through their unique process, ControlScan will conduct security tests and audits of Host The Best's website and certify the site's security

"Privacy and security are the main concerns of costumers," says ControlScan President & CEO Richard Stanton. "Consumers want to do business with companies who take privacy and security seriously. By passing the audits associated with the Business/Corporate/Enterprise Secure Plan, Host The Best's visitors are reassured that this company is committed to protecting their personal and credit card information and proving a safe online shopping experience.

Once a company passes the security process associated with the Enterprise Secure Plan they receive the Hacker Defended, ID Theft Protected, Privacy Protected, Phishing Protected, Spam Protected and Business Background Reviewed certificates. These certificates are renewed daily, allowing Host The Best's customer to receive independent third-party verification of the site's actual security before they decide to give out sensitive personal data.

"As information about privacy and security become more rampant, consumes are learning that it is not safe to give just any business their personal information. Likewise, business owners understand that they must take precautions to protect themselves and their customer from these criminals," said Andy Candelario at Host The Best. "By using ControlScan's business/Corporate/Enterprise Secure Plan we hope to give both parties the assurance that their transactions are secure."

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