The number one Web hosting podcast across the nation is back on the air, for podcast number 47. After doing nearly 50 shows, what else can be said that the [url=]Web Hosting Show[/url] hasn't said before? There are entire continents of the Web hosting world that haven't even been charted out yet.

[url=], a leading Web hosting provider[/url] announced they doubled the disk space and bandwidth included with shared Web hosting plans free of charge for customers. The increase is the first in a series of feature enhancements and product updates has planned throughout the year.

There is nothing at all wrong with getting double of what you paid for. As I said a few shows back, you aren't going to see price drops in 2006, you are going to see hosting plans growing in size and shape. I wonder what else has planned for the rest of 2006 though?

[url=]Web hosting automation[/url] solution developer Biztology said on Friday that it had launched its new server control panel Cube Panel.
It has been a while since I have heard about a new control panel out there in the market today. Not much is really happening as far as new features go, so I am excited to see what this Cube Panel will be bringing to the dance.

[url=]A vulnerability has been found[/url] in the Helm Web hosting control panel, according to a report by security organization Secunia. Helm is the flagship hosting automation solution of UK-based software developer WebHost Automation.

According to the reports, input passed to the "txtEmailAddress" parameter in forgotPassword.asp isn't properly sanitized before being returned to the user. It is also being said that this is a "less critical" security problem as well, but could then be exploited to carry out cross-site scripting attacks.

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