Hello to Everyone!

I just thought that I would inform everyone on this forum of my American Million Dollar Website. Designed with same concept as Alex Tew's Million Dollar Homepage. As his website is running out of pixels and no more space will be available, I decided to start one towards the North American Market and try to make the American internet history with help from visitors who are willing to advertise by purchasing pixels and own part of such history.

I'm posting this on here as I think many companies might like to try this new type of advertising and see the outcome of new traffic as well as make their company part of another internet history. You would be making a small invest in an advertisement, own the pixel area as well as part of my websites history and receive some unique North American targeted traffic. It's an opportunity and it won't cost you an arm and a leg.

My pixels are going for a $1 each with $100 minimum giving you 100 pixels (10x10), for 10 years of advertisement. $100 for 10 years is a small investment and it will be worth it believe me. If you calculate it right, its only $1 a month and no more. 10 years is just to start, if popularity and funding will be alright, this website is going to stay online for much more than just 10 years.

** As my website is at its launch state, even though traffic is coming in already I will offer the first 100,000 pixels at 30% off. Meaning you pay $70 per 100 pixel block, not $100. When the first 100,000 pixels are sold, this promotion will expire. This offer is only available through this posting. **

Anyways, if anyone has any comments post them. If not interested in advertising, just check my website.

Checkout the F.A.Q. on the website if you need more information or have questions. If your questions are not answered there, don't hesitate to contact me. Traffic is starting slowly flow in my part of the work is starting to show with large out comes. Feel free to post the website address above in your personal or business blog(s)or forum(s). It's really up to you, so if you wish buy my pixels.

Thanks in advance.


A.J. Bobinski
AmericanMillion DollarWebsite