Now with the holidays behind me, I can get back to doing what I do best, tackling the wild and wacky world of Web hosting week after week. The first Web hosting podcast of 2006 is now up and running over at [url=][/url]. What was the latest and greatest news from the hosting world this week?

[url=][/url], an interactive pay-per-click web hosting directory and community forum, announced today that it is offering new advertisers a $15 bonus on pay-per-click listings. The company is also celebrating a milestone on its network of showing more than 1 million pay-per-click listing impressions each month.

BrowseHosts offers a great service out there to the Web hosting world. I can say from experience that Pinny and the gang know what they are doing, and you can see some real results by signing up either as an advertiser with them or as an ad displayer. They don't give you the punch the monkey win an iPod junk. They give you real links back to real Web hosting companies. If your interested, [url=]sign up today[/url]!

[url=]Interland[/url], a leading provider of websites and online services for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), today announced that it has completed its asset acquisition from Web Internet, LLC and Web Service Company Inc. Included in the assets are the domain name, web hosting business comprised of approximately 9,000 subscribers, accredited registrar business and trademark rights.

Interland paid $4.8 million in cash for all of this stuff, and I just hope that they really do something with it. Sure, a domain name can take you a long way, but you also need some content and services worth sticking around for once that deal is done.

[url=]Web hosting provider 1 and 1 Internet[/url] announced on Monday that it would again increase the standards features of its Web hosting packages while maintaining current price points. The move, part of a valu-added campaign kicked off in September, comes just weeks after the company upgraded the same plans, again without a corresponding increase in prices.

<strong>Mitch's Take:</strong> 1 and 1 really does seem to be picking up steam in the world of Web hosting. I think in the past few weeks they might have even broken GoDaddy's record of the number of times I've mentioned them on this show. You can't go wrong when you offer your customers a better deal, so my two freaky thumbs up this week go up for 1 and 1.

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