Well this week at Devoted Host we've decided to offer 10% off on all reseller accounts. This includes our popular Advanced Reseller.

Now at this time we have no guarantee on the location of your account as we're simply spreading it out over various servers. Rest assured it'll of course be of the Dual CPU variety with a couple gigs of ram and fast sata or scsi hard drives.

The coupon for this deal is "r10percent" and is 10% off and can be used on other reseller accounts as well.

All the accounts comes with the following:

Unlimited POP3 Emails
Unlimited Email Aliases
99.9% Uptime guarantee
24/7 Support via email, help desk, live help and forums
Unlimited Domains
1 Dedicated IP
Additional IP's can be purchased at $2/month

15GB Space
150GB Bandwidth
1 IP's

Now the other reseller accounts you can find information about them by visiting http://devotedhost.net/index.php?s=reseller&d=compare

Just again the coupon for the $15.25 deal is "r10percent" and is actually 10% off and can be applied to the other accounts the same way

Well enjoy this latest deal from Devoted Host

Reseller Package Compare Page: http://devotedhost.net/index.php?s=reseller&d=compare