Everybody's favorite Web hosting podcast is back on the air again. On podcast 41 of the [url=http://www.webhostingshow.com]Web Hosting Show[/url] we tackle what to do with .htaccess files, hyphenated domains as well as the usual hosting fun and information we tackle week in and week out. I thought it would be interesting though to share with you some of the biggest hosting headlines from the past week.

[url=http://webhostmagazine.com/ip/DisplayPress.asp?ID=5441]SWsoft[/url], a recognized leader in server automation and virtualization software, today announced the availability of SiteBuilder 2.0 for Windows, an upgraded release of the next generation, browser-based application designed to quickly and easily create and edit websites. The new version 2.0 adds ecommerce and blog capabilities, plan and site management, several new modules and reseller support for the fastest-growing hosting platform. First announced in September 2005, the SiteBuilder for Windows promotion will last through September 30, 2006.

SWsoft's SiteBuilder tool is one of the best the Web hosting industry has to offer. I like to see that they are keeping it up to date and adding more and more features along the way.

[url=http://www.thewhir.com/marketwatch/120905_Netgo_Hosting_Terrorist_Content.cfm]According to reports[/url] by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, a 19-year-old Winnipeg man is trying to clear his name after his Netgo Web Hosting business unknowingly hosted al-Qaeda terrorist related content.

Well, taking the terrorism aspect out of the picture of the moment, this just proves that Web hosts should always pay attention to the content they are hosting. Keeping records on every Web site is almost impossible, but you never know when you might get hit like this or with something else of this nature.

[url=http://www.thewhir.com/marketwatch/120805_Web_Host_AIT_Leading_Google_Suit.cfm]Web hosting provider AIT[/url] said on Thursday that it had taken over as the lead plaintiff in a class action lawsuit that accuses Google of breach of contract and unfair business practices. AIT's motion was filed on Wednesday in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. AIT takes over as lead plaintiff from ClickDefense, which filed suit on June 24, 2005.

If they can prove the case, I say more power to AIT. In my opinion this will be a hard case to fight. You will have to prove that these clicks were not real. Who is right? Who is wrong? I guess we'll have to see what comes of the case.

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