Hey, i bought this server couple of months ago, for my gaming site...I got a really good offer back then due to some connections i have at a colocation company..
But the catch was, that i agreed that i'll buy this colocation for 2 years..the quit fee for me is 1000$, so i'm offering this server to someone in wht
I never expected my site to go down like it did.. So now i'm offering the dedicated server on specs below for 388$ MONTHLY, you'll be the sole owner of this server...

Specifications of the server:

Dual Opteron 250
4GB (4x1024) pc3200 DDR SDRAM
Three 72.8GB Ultra 320 SCSI 10k RPM

Database center:

Located in slovenia
Name: Triera Internet
Location: Triera Internet, Cankarjeva 6, 2000 Maribor
Connection: Dedicated 100mbit port(yes, unmetered bw)

Payment is done through western union...If you need information more information send me a pm on the board..

Additional info:

cPanel (8.0+) Control Panel
Unlimited Domains/Subdomains/Domain Pointers/POP3 Email accounts/FTP accounts
Web Mail Access
Email Autoresponders/Forwarders/Aliases
SMTP Mail Server
SPAM Filtering
Perl latest version
PHP latest version
MySQL Server & Databases (also latest version)
Python, Tcl C, C++
FrontPage Extensions
Server Side Includes(SSI)
Protected Directories
Customizable 404 Error Pages
Web statistics
Online File Manager
SSH Access
24/7 Customer Support
Number of ips: 15
Uptime is 99.9%

Server can be used for anything except anything that is illegal, so;
-Adult hosting allowed
-Irc hosting allowed
-Reselling allowed
-Game servers allowed