I'm not the only guy out there finding the best the Web hosting world has to offer you. One of my favorite resources for new and exciting Web hosting related Web sites is [url=http://www.webhostmagazine.com]Web Host Magazine and Buyers Guide's[/url] editors' choice awards. The editors over there have made a few picks for November, so I thought I'd share my opinions on these top picks.


Htmlarea.com is one of the best and easiest to use WYSIWYG editor directories out there today. There's no clutter and no mess, they just get right to work with letting you know what choices are out there today in the WYSIWYG world. They also have a selection of color selectors, date pickers, menu builders and more. Htmlarea.com now showcases more than 150 WYSIWYG editors, content managers, and portal software. Htmlarea.com also offers a forum for developers to discuss the positives and the negatives of the various WYSIWYG editors and to help with problems that arise. If that doesn't qualify it for the award, I don't know what else would.


There are a lot of Free Hosts out on the Net, but few can offer the same things that Freewebs does. Blogs, polls, ecommerce, site promotion, photo albums and collections, site builder tool, web form builders, and a lot more are but a small taste of the things that Freewebs includes with their free hosting plan. Freewebs has been around since 2001 and has the experience and longevity few Free Hosts can claim.


With an overwhelming assortment of Web Hosts on the Internet today, StartLogic stands tall. StartLogic's hosting solutions come with an impressive list of features along with plenty of data-transfer. Toll-free phone and email support is available 24/7 and technical support is knowledgeable. StartLogic provides a complete and powerful hosting service with the right amount of features and excellent support.

[url=http://www.ourmedia.org]Our Media[/url]

Vlogging, or Video Blogging, has become a very popular medium for Web enthusiast around the world. Our Media is a Free vlog Host that provides a full set of features to include RSS player, Site Publisher, and more. Our Media is not just a free vlog Host however, they also allow free photo gallery and music hosting as well.


eLineStudio's Site Composer is a browser, control-panel based Site building tool. Site Composer uses the ASP programming language to organize your Web sites contents based on multiple content categories, to share and collaborate on documents found on your Web site, to build a self-maintaining Site map, and a lot more. Site Composer is a comprehensive site building and managing tool.

The editors also love to get suggestions, so if you have a Web site that you think deserves to get praised, [url=http://webhostmagazine.com/ec/ec_choose.asp]let them know about it.[/url]

The Web Host Magazine and Buyers Guide Editors' Choice award is something ever Web hosting or Web development Web site should strive to get. It really is the only "mark of excellence" the Web hosting industry has right now. It is something any Web site should be proud to show off as well. How do I know? Well, the [url=http://www.webhostingshow.com]Web Hosting Show[/url] is a former winner of this award as well.

[url=http://www.webhostshow.com/showarchives/whmnov2005.mp3]Download the Web Hosting Show! (MP3)[/url] | [url=http://www.webhostingshow.com/blog/_archives/2005/12/1/1430204.html]Read the Show Notes![/url]
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