Even though I had some technical difficulties all weekend long, the [url=http://www.webhostingshow.com]Web Hosting Show[/url] was recorded and is now ready for the masses. What would be a better way to enjoy your Thanksgiving Day leftovers? Help yourself to the dressing while you learn about the Web hosting industry.

[url=http://webhostmagazine.com/ip/DisplayPress.asp?ID=5381]1&1 Internet, Inc., has introduced an innovative[/url] photo gallery tool that gives users a fast and easy way to load, organize, edit and publish digital photographs online. The 1&Photo Gallery is being included at no additional cost with the company's shared hosting plans.

It looks like the holidays are coming early for the customers of 1&1 Internet. I love it when hosting companies give back to the customer base, and this is a quality example of just that. More companies should be worried about keeping the hosting customer they have, not worried about bringing in new ones.

[url=http://webhostmagazine.com/ip/DisplayPress.asp?ID=5387]Leading Internet presence solution provider, Aplus.Net[/url] announced the addition of two site map tools to its feature-rich Control Panel. Aplus.Net has made the site map and Google site map available to its web hosting customers at no extra charge.

The Google Site Map tools are helpful for any Webmaster wanting to make sure that Google has their information. For those of you who don't have a Web host as nice as Aplus.net, you can sign up for [url=https://www.google.com/webmasters/sitemaps/login]Google Site Maps[/url] on your own. It might seem like a lot of trouble, but it is worth it.

[url=http://www.techcrunch.com/2005/11/25/windows-live-email-service/]Domains.Live.com is a free new email service[/url] offered by Microsoft. Itís a simple but very useful tool. And, like Office Live, it is disruptive to the existing domain name registrar market.

Is this just a sneak peak at what Microsoft wants to do in the Web hosting world? Some of the other features include: Create up to 20 e-mail accounts within your domain; Get a 250 MB inbox for each account; Check your e-mail from any Web-enabled PC; Junk e-mail filter protection using Microsoft SmartScreen technology; Virus scanning and cleaning of e-mail; Seamless access with MSN Messenger, MSN Spaces, and more. Big brother is doing more than just watching you, he's putting out a pretty nice offer as well!

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