It's that time of the week you get curled up with the [url=]Web Hosting Show[/url]. Why? You need to know what is going on in the world of Web hosting. Web hosting is the backbone of the internet as we know it today. Without Web hosting you wouldn't have your Googles or your Yahoos. You wouldn't even have your Lockergnomes of the world either. This week we had a lot of Halloween fun, but also we did discuss some of the wars going on in the Web hosting world.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) said that it had reached an agreement to settle a longstanding legal fight with VeriSign, operator of the .com and .net registries. These folks have been going at it for a long time. Here is what [url=]the WHIR[/url] had to say about it:

[QUOTE]The settlement covers all legal disputes between the two parties. Foremost among these was the controversial Site Finder service VeriSign introduced in late 2003. With Site Finder, Internet users typing in addresses that did not exist were served Web pages suggesting where they could go rather than given error pages.

Critics argued the service was an abuse of power by VeriSign, since it received money from those who benefited from the traffic. VeriSign gave in to the pressure and suspended the service. It then counter-sued ICANN, alleging the organization was impeding its efforts to offer new services and generate revenue.[/QUOTE]

The second war this week that came to an end was between Level 3 and Cogent. Level 3 and Cogent Communications said that they had agreed to a new peering arrangement, ending a nearly month-long dispute. Hopefully now we don't have to worry about them playing with turning the Internet on and off in some regions anymore. I said a few weeks ago the behavior of both companies seemed childish at best, and yeah... I still stick by those thoughts.

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