Teaneck, N.J. October 29, 2005: Host The Best launches brand new Online Storage and File Sharing services via the Internet. Online Storage is an innovative new service that solves two of the most demanding problems faced by companies and employees today. How do business people access files from outside of the corporate network, and how do they then securely share files and folders of information with co-workers, customers, vendors and partners?

Most people doing business today have experienced the frustration of not being able to access or share corporate files from home or on the road. Well-built firewalls are designed to keep people out, not to make it quick or easy for employees to access information. Small businesses in particular have a tough time affording, setting up and managing any sort of network at all, let alone one that provides secure, remote access. Other than email, which does not work well for secure collaboration and the transfer of large files, there is no easy way to share information with someone outside of your company. Host The Bestís on-line storage and file sharing services completely eliminates all those problems leaving our clients completely satisfied.

Some o f the features FTP Backup 1.5 include:

Web Folder Upload and Download
FTP Backup 1.5 now offers a quick and easy way to upload and download folders to and from any web browser.

Backup Software
Online Backup allows subscribers to schedule automatic backups of files and folders from their PC to FTP Backup secure, remote storage facility via the Internet. FTP Backupís file backup and recovery service is an easy and cost-effective way to prevent data loss due to viruses, disk crashes, data corruption, and theft.

"Our goal is to help the Web users make exploring the Web a hassle-free experience," says a company spokesperson. "Total customer satisfaction is paramount to our team and the Web host can rest assured that this software will keep our customers happy."

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