You can't have your week start out without knowing the latest and greatest news and information from the Web hosting industry, can you? Another edition of the [url=]Web Hosting Show[/url] is up and running. This week we covered everything from a PSP Web server to the usual hosting tips and information. We even covered some of the better payment options out there for Web hosts to choose.

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Who would have ever thought you could run a Web server from a Playstation Portable? I've got one and I have to say the thought has never crossed my mind. We have seen Web servers made from some odd things, but the PSP might be one of the oddest I've seen in a while.

The place you want to check out is [url=][/url]. They have a link to the PSP server itself as well as a plethora of information about the process itself. They also have a [url=]gallery section[/url] for all the screenshots of the PSP server.

Even if the idea is an oddity, it seems they are picking up some interest from the outside as well. I found this entry on the Web site:
With all the press we have gotten for the PPSPS we actually managed to make some money. Some French start-up offered a price and being so broke as we are we had to accept. We are discussing terms on releasing parts of source but for a current version is a NO.
It will definitely be interesting to see what happens with this project in the future.

Over at Web Hosting Chat there is a [url=]thread going on right now[/url] about the best mode of payment Web hosts can use. So far it looks like PayPal is the winner. I never realized though how many payment processors there really are out there.

[url=]PayPal[/url] is in the lead because everybody and their grandmother has a PayPal account. It is quick and easy on both ends.

For credit card payment, [url=][/url] seems to be doing nicely. I have worked with 2Checkout before in some of my previous hosting jobs and I have to say there isn't much to complain about. No payment processor out there is perfect just yet, but there are a lot of options to choose from.

So if you are a Web host looking for a payment processor recommendation, I'd say PayPal and 2Checkout are two good solutions. If your a Web hosting client who's not happy with the payment processing at your Web hosting company, you might suggest these two to your Web host to use.