Time to put out the weekend garbage, get rid of that hangover from the weekend and grab a loved one. The one and only voice of the Web hosting world is back to tell you why doing business with a young Web host might not be such a bad idea. The [url=http://www.webhostingshow.com]Web Hosting Show[/url] is new this week and we are talking about the next generation of Web hosts out there. These days teenagers who are running a Web hosting business get a lot of doors shut in their face because of their age. In my opinion, this shouldn't be the case.

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For the most part, if you have been around the Web hosting world you have heard about the Web hosting companies out there that are run by a younger generation. There are actually some teenagers out there running Web hosting businesses. Now there are two sides of this story, and I feel like only one side is getting attention.

There have been a lot of bad things said about Web hosting with somebody who is not out of high school yet. Some people say they are unexperienced. Other people say that they are not safe. While some of these worries are true, here on the Web Hosting Show I want to give everybody the benefit of the doubt.

If doing Web hosting with somebody who is still in their teens makes you a little nervous, then that is fine. Go with a bigger and more experienced company. I for one am happy to see these kids getting in on things. It goes to show me that the next generation of Web hosting gurus are going to be even more experienced and savvy in their later years.

Now true, it would be nice if Web hosts had to tell you before if they are under aged or not. I am afraid there just is not a governing power out there big enough to do that just yet. If you are under twenty and running a Web hosting business, I want to tell you something. Don't fear your age! Tell folks about it. That way you have nothing to fear and nobody can say that your are being dishonest right from the start. Could some of these younger generation Web hosters give the old guys a run for their money? Maybe one of these days, somebody will.