Monday is here and that can only mean one of two things. You either need to go put the trash out from the party you had this weekend or you need to go listen to the [url=]Web Hosting Show[/url]. I can promise you that listening to the Web Hosting Show will be a little more fun, so let us leave the trash for somebody else to handle. Along with the rest of the Web hosting goodness we produce week after week, on this week's show we talked about ISPCON's new blog and the Web hosting industry's new interest in VoIP.

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For those of you who do not know, ISPCON is the event for both wired and wireless ISPs out there. Every year it seems like Web hosting is playing a bigger part in the event. They now have a blog as well, it is called [url=]Inside ISPCON[/url].

The Web site looks very nice, it has the look of your standard blog. I like the idea that the folks at ISPCON are blogging because it makes me feel like I have an easier place to understand what it is they are doing there. ISPCON is not just a big event for ISPs out there. It is also a big event for the Web hosting world as well. They even have a section marked for podcasts, so I can't wait to see what they produce.

Now why are Web hosts getting so excited about offering VoIP solutions? What do I mean? Well read part of this press release I got delivered to me today.

[QUOTE][url=][/url], a Canadian web hosting and e-commerce solutions provider, announced today that it plans to launch a Voice over Internet Protocol service, making it the first Canadian web host to do so, and opening a new chapter for the British Columbia based company.[/QUOTE]

This seems to be a slow trend in the Web hosting world. I see more and more Web hosting companies moving into the area of VoIP (Voice Over IP). What do I think about it all? I think it is a smart business solution for the companies out there who can afford to move down that road. It is obvious that VoIP is going to be the way of the future and I am happy to see that once again Web hosting is playing a key part in the world's innovations.

The thing that keeps this from being big news is the fact that nobody knows exactly why these companies are doing it. How is my Web hosting company going to benefit from moving into the Voice over Internet Protocol world? Untill that is easy to explain as Web hosting itself, then I don't know how much media hype is there for such an event. Right now it seems as exciting to the public as a Web host buying a new server. What I want the Web hosting world to do is explain it to me and give me a reason to get excited about it.