For this week's Thursday [url=]Web Hosting Show[/url] segment I thought I would feature one of my new favorite downloads that would be perfect out there for any Web hosts or Web hosting clients that might be listening. The name of the program is PSPad and I have to say it is the best program for Web page editing that I have ever used.

Now in the days before PSPad, if I wanted to edit my Web site, [url=][/url] I would have to edit the local version I have saved onto my Web page in a text editor. Then I would have to open up my FTP client, upload the files that were changed, then refresh the Web page in question that I was editing.

With PSPad all I do is open it up, edit the page in question, and hit save. That is it.

Check out these links for more information on PSPad:
[url=]Download PSPad for free![/url]
[url=]View Screenshots of PSPad in action![/url]

All "finder's rights" to this program belong to [url=]Chris Pirillo[/url]. I heard him mention the program on last week's edition of [url=]The Chris Pirillo Show[/url] and had to try it out. After 30 minutes of playing with it, I just felt the need to drop Chris an E-mail thanking him for introducing me to PSPad. It really is that nice of a program.

The best part about it is it is totally free! So try it out and be sure to let me know what you think. If you have a standard Web site out there that needs some editing, there is no better free tool on the market.

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